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DL Camera Package Data Storage

DL Camera Package Data Storage

Hi, I am new to DL and while I like the system but find there are  issues that should really be fixed....


With the Camera Package, it allows up to 8 cameras, which sounds wonderful, but ....we only get 250MB of storage space.....That space does not last me 4 days.


We should have the ablilty to have  storage space of at least  the 5 - 10 GB range..,,Every Camera System I see on sale is 500GB-1TB in storage.


We should also have the ability to automate the transfer of the photos or video clips to a destination, such as Drop Box/SkyDrive/Google Drive/Etc.


The Customer Service Agent's suggestion that I can Log On to the system daily and copy the clips is not workable or realistic.

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Re: DL Camera Package Data Storage

How are your cameras recording? Do you have all 8 set up to record with any movement?


How about the length of recordings?  You can adjust that down to a lower interval and that may be able to save some storage space. 


Just some suggestions in the meantime. 



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