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Cameras with low bandwidth


Cameras with low bandwidth

My security system was installed Saturday. Sunday morning cameras would not load and a the display message is low bandwidth. I called tech support they rebooted the system, changed wifi to channel 8 and after a system update, everything worked great. I woke up this morning and it's the same error message low bandwidth.

Please help
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Re: Cameras with low bandwidth



Could there be anything else using your network bandwidth? Other devices downloading/streaming data?

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‎11-05-2015 6:39 AM

Re: Cameras with low bandwidth

I had the problem with low bandwith. I know the cameras work, because they are still recording. However, I did not have a live feed. When I look at the app, there was no pictures of the cameras. The only thing it said was "low bandwidth." I am set to have a tech come out Monday 10/26/2015. In the meantime, I just looked around to see if I can notice the problem.
1. I check the big router box that was installed. The wireless broadband is not green. (Problem)
2. Also, I checked the white adapter plug that goes into the wall outlet. It is probably not green. (Problem). On the side of that adapter is a push button. Push it one time and watch your system light back up green.
After those checks, my system is now back up and running. I can now see my cameras.

My system was down for at least 48 hours. Just a small push of the button made the difference. I was on the phone earlier with Digital Life customer service, and they did not have the solution. They tried to reboot the system from their end (I guess), but no luck. So, then they wanted to set up an appointment for me. I will call to cancel it, but the DL voicemail that I got said "nobody is available at this time to assist you. Call back later." What???? Talk about a 24 hour surveillance system. Hope this helps somebody else.
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Re: Cameras with low bandwidth

I had this same problem since last week until today I was able to resolve it on my own by unplugging the white adapter box that is plugged into the power outlet from the wall. 


Btw, the customer support I spoke with earlier in the week had twice done a restart of the Digital Life system but that did not resolve the issue. He also said this is an issue which other customers are having and had something to do with the Uverse bandwidth. He had scheduled a Uverse technician to come to my residence to check the Uverse service but now this is resolved (hopefully) by me, I've called AT&T Digital Life and told them to cancel Uverse coming to my residence.

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Re: Cameras with low bandwidth

Okay, so the answer above by Harvest1 is correct but not completely explained.  The system as installed in my home uses a wifi connection proprietary to the digital life system.  There is one end at your wifi router plugged into the wall, there needs to be 3 green leds lit.  There is another larger box plugged in near the digital life system box, it also should have 3 green leds in a column and a 4th  off to the side.


When I was receiving the low bandwidth error message, the center led was off on both boxes, they need to be paired.


I was instructed to unplug the box near the wifi router, move it to the box near the DL system, plug it in there,  on top of the larger box thereis a button, push it once  (led blinks), on the side of the smaller box there is a "security" button, push and hold it for 3 seconds, this will pair them.  Unplug and return the smaller box to the router, plug it in to the wall and the router.  


The 3 green leds should now be on both of the two boxes.


Problem solved and live viewing of the camera is restored.


Best of luck and God bless you all.



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Re: Cameras with low bandwidth


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Re: Cameras with low bandwidth

I have been having the same issue with my Cameras for about two months now.  I have had a digital life tech out who said it was a Uverse band width issue. Uverse tech came out and said the band width is fine. Call Digital life. I have had nothing but issues with both the internet service and the digital life service. They have been installed since 03/7/16 (uverse) and 03/14/16 (digital) life and neither have work properly since those dates. It's been very frustrating to have to call them every week to have them do test, reboot, and send out inexperienced tech would seem to have no clue on how to resolve my problem. I've been paying full price for a service that I have not been receiving.

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Re: Cameras with low bandwidth

Thank you. After almost a day and a half on the phone with tech support. I found the bridge. I repaired it and my live feed reappeared. Tech support was horrible. I found this forum and followed instructions and the problem was resolved within minutes. My ear hurt from all the time I spent on the phone with them. I now have a cracked screen on my iphone because it fell while I was on hold. Once again thank you. You were so helpful. Now hopefully ATT will replace my cracked screen under insurance for a minium price

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