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Star Codes - Network Updates?


Star Codes - Network Updates?

As I recall, there was a *code that would update or improve the mobile phone's connectivity with local cell towers...or somthing like that.  Does anyone know what this code is or if it is even relevant today?


Thank you.



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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Star Codes

You're thinking of verizon wireless.

*228 with them.

With AT&T, it's enough to turn off your phone for a min, and turn it back on.

Verizon uses older CDMA network, where extra nudging like that helps.

Supposedly the GSM should auto update.


The bottom line is, it doesn't exist.


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Re: Star Codes

Aha. I had Verizon Wireless previously.

Thank you.



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Re: Star Codes

That isn't fixing my problem turning it off then back on.
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Re: Star Codes

How do I reset my data I do not have 4g or data at l
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