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S4 data on/off shortcut


S4 data on/off shortcut

I updated by S4 to 4.4.2 today (so wishing I hadn't).  Among the many problems I've had since then I found that the DATA shortcut is now missing from the swipe down screen.  What I mean is, when you're on any screen and you swipe down from the top you get a screen that shows the Time & Date at the top with a settings icon and a window icon on the same line.  This is the screen where you will see any Notifications as well.  Below the Time/Date line there is a toolbar line that has icons for turning on/off Wi-Fi, GPS, Sound, Screen Rotation, Bluetooth, etc.  Prior to updating, after the Bluetooth icon was a Data icon for turning on/off network data.  That is now gone.  I've scrolled through the entire toolbar and it's not there.  I've selected the windows icon on the top line to see everything available and it's not listed there either.  At this point it appears that the only way to turn data off/on is to go into Settings which is a royal pain and time consuming.  I have a limited data plan so I typically keep data turned off unless I really need it (like when commuting too/from work and checking traffic). 


How do I get the quick access Data option back?

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Re: S4 data on/off shortcut

I agree with you wholeheartedly klhprice,

I too am a Samsung user and was affected by their recent decision to remove that quick option.  It was very easy to just swipe that down and toggle the data on off.  The reasoning I found from one of their Press releases regarding this update was that too many users were accidentally turning their data off (not on as we would assume is more of a problem having limited data).  This was even taken away from the other quick options when you select the box/arrow key to customize this bar.  

Being in the same boat as you I have found another option there to get to data faster than going through all the settings.  There is an application now called Usage Manager, its a bit gray with bargraphs on it.  You can put this icon on one of your main screens for easy access (I have it on my home screen).  From here you tap that application, and press data on the upper right.  Then there is a check box you can easily toggle on/off on the top right to turn data on/off. 

It's no quick menu option but it's the fastest way I have found to get to the data quickly and with the least hassle.

Hope this helpsSmiley Happy

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Re: S4 data on/off shortcut

Thanks for your response.? I thought of adding a shortcut to the home screen but I can't seem to figure out how to do that.? Can you give instructions?
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