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QI Wireless Charging


QI Wireless Charging

AT&T has decided to go with PMA Wireless Charging. I feel they should let the consumer and phone manufacters decide which one they want to use.


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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: QI Wireless Charging

Hello FireWrath,


Thanks for your feedback. A customer is always free to decide what device they get based on desired features, many phones are available directly from manufacturers and unlocked, and AT&T fully supports them on their network. With new plans your monthly rates are cheaper if you bring your own device. On the other hand, AT&T, as a carrier, decides what phones or features they want to offer through their channels, especially if they're offered at subsidized prices or with payment plans.


I hope this information helps.




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Re: QI Wireless Charging

Yeah, ATT would rather play power games with partners than deliver what customers want.  You'll just have to buy phones from someone else.

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Re: QI Wireless Charging

I do not agree with ATT's response.  I have two Nokia 920's with Qi wireless charging and they are great phones with fantastic chargers. 


ATT should not strip out features including Qi from phones especially with nothing to offer but some possible future vaporware about a different standard.


You had a working standard Qi when Nokia came out with these phones that many ATT customers purchased.


I have had ATT wireless and landland phones for many, many years but find myself wondering why I buy from a company that apparently cares so little about their customers.


Please don't try to sell me on some future technology when you have working Qi today.  And don't try to sell me on add-on clamshell backs when the phones could have and did have Qi built in.


You really know how to take a solid product from a manufacturer and make it inferior.


I am really, really disappointed in ATT with their stance on Qi and stripping their phones.


Your stuff about "subsidized" makes no sense when I am paying for the full cost plus service over the life of the contract.  It is just a way to lessen the blow up front and alternatively charge less per month.  That was not even the gist of the complaint about Qi.  Nice try to deflect.

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Re: QI Wireless Charging

I have the same issue. I own two Nokia's with Qi charging and now I am forced to use PMA. My new PMA cover lasted less than 2 weeks and was told by Customer care to take it to store for replacement. The store laughed at me and said they don't carry the covers. You have to send it back for replacement.


Even when it was working the PMA charger did not work well. Trying to place the phone in just the right spot to start the charge could take a couple of minutes.

I only had to lay my phone on the Qi charger for it to work; no precise plaement was required.


I've been an AT&T customer for over 12 years.

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Re: QI Wireless Charging

Based upon the description, the system appears to be an inductive electrical transfer.


It appears logical that if a $100 Oral B toothbrush can successfully apply inductive charging into their product, a multi-billion dollar Telecommunications company should be able to figure it out.  With the interest in the Samsung Active and other waterproofing methods for phones, inductive charging fills in one of the holes that needs to be filled/sealed.  I am very excited about seeing the incorporation of this technology into more systems.


With that said, it appears from at least one of the below postings that the actual application has not been as successful as it could have been.  I am not a current smart phone owner but I am waiting for a robust platform with accident proof features before making that jump.  Based upon the below, I am not confident that Nokia has got their yet.  One of the users expressed disappointment with the support network behind QI charging.  AT&T needs to look at Honda's natural gas cars...in Eastern Idaho it may be very desirable, but without the support network in place the experience with the product will be a huge disappointment.  When I am confident it is done right, I will get one.


Let the Engineers engineer and the accountants run the numbers.  If done right, the engineers (and not the scientists) should be able to create a good experience and a reasonable price.  Good luck AT&T.

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