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LG Xpression Wallpaper resolutions


LG Xpression Wallpaper resolutions

I've have some strange problems with setting my wallpapers in my LG Xpression phone.


I understand that the screen resolution is 240 x 400. So i've made wallpaper images at those dimensions.


When I view the images thru the pictures function, they look as they should be. However, as soon as I set them as a wallpaper, their resolution gets cut in in half (120 x 200) and the image gets very pixelated. This only happens with some images, and I'm wondering if there is a specific color setting or image size that the wall paper uses that is different from the screen resolution.



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Re: LG Xpression Wallpaper resolutions

Hi A-Muscarian, 


I attempted to replicate what you described on one of my LG Xpression and was unable to duplicate what you were describing. The Xpression is a very basic device and is limited in what you can do with it. 


I would suggest ensuring that you are using the JPEG format for all of your images or making the picture on another mobile device and sending it via an Multimedia Message (MMS) to the device.


Hope this helps! 

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