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I need to add a new google voice number to my phone

I need to add a new google voice number to my phone

And have certain calls when that number called directed to my current cell Phone How do I do this. I have an old google voice number that keeps popping up. Is there some access number I need to dial to activate this number, what it is is a number someone in jail can call me on . GTL IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY EVER THEY REALLY JUST TAKE YOUR MONEY ABD GIVE SUPPORT NUMBERS TYAT KEAD YOU NOWHERE BUT FRUSTRATED AS ALL GET Out. Last time I actually got them on the line after waiting in hold 17 minutes I was disconnected the minute I rattles off my google voice number to the guy on phone I couldn't understand cuz of his heavy accent. From India! They only hire people from India? EVERY time I deal with some thing and it turns out to be shady or a pain in my behind it's seriously 99.9% of the time with custom peer service people I can't understand from India. Anyway can anyone help me out please? Thank you
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Re: I need to add a new google voice number to my phone

Sorry. I hoping you can read despite all my typos. No reading glasses to proof read my post but I know me and my fat thumbs..... And my stupid touchy iPhone. Oh I have a iphone5s too by the way. I forgot to tell you in first post
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Re: I need to add a new google voice number to my phone

Hello @Misskitty760 


You should be able to go to and create a new account, then pick a number and set up call forwarding within their service.




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