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I can't view Visual Voicemail on WiFi!


I can't view Visual Voicemail on WiFi!



This morning I was thinking about setting up Visual Voicemail. I have a Nokia Lumia 920, and cellular data is disabled. I did that to save on expensive charges and I am connected to my WiFi network.


Then when I opened the Phone app and panned over to Voicemail, at the top it said: Can't connect to visual voicemail. I then tried to go to Internet Explorer and I could view Bing. Can't you make it so you can browse Visual Voicemail in WiFi?


So then I enabled Cellular Data on my phone and I could view Visual Voicemail. I then turned it off and it can't. Is there a way that I can use my data plan only for Visual Voicemail and nothing else?


For your information:


Data plan: DataPlus 300MB

Talk plan: FamilyTalk Nation 550 w/ Rollover

Operating System: Windows Phone 8

Phone: Nokia Lumia 920


Thank you!


PS: I am sorry if I posted in the wrong category!

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: I can't view Visual Voicemail on WiFi!

if you have cell data turned on and your connected to wi-fi it will use wi-fi for whatever it can and will use cell data for what it needs to use it for such as multimedia messages and visual voicemail. this is how i have my phone setup and i dont use cell data unless its for something it has to be used for.

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Re: I can't view Visual Voicemail on WiFi!

Visual Voicemail can only be delivered over the 4g connection. It cannot be downloaded over WiFi. You should know however that AT&T does NOT charge you any data charges for visual voicemail data when you are on the AT&T network.

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