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Cannot use wifi calling on Go-phone


Cannot use wifi calling on Go-phone

Why can I not use wifi calling on my iPhone under the GoPhone plan? No one has explained to me yet as to why that option is not allowed for prepaid customers. I bought my phone outright and yet I'm being denied the ability to use certain features for some stupid reason. I already can't get my phone unlocked until I've been in jail with this company for six long months. So why can I not use the wifi calling feature???
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‎03-01-2017 7:51 PM

Re: Cannot use wifi calling on Go-phone

@goodluvv Because they don't offer that feature with that plan. It's not listed as a service that GoPhone offers.


There is no explanation necessary.

They could offer all sorts of features that your phone supports, but it's not part of the GoPhone plan.



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