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AT&T vs. BofA


AT&T vs. BofA

There seems to be alot of problems with getting mobile banking from BofA.

I'm having the same problem and getting the same run around and I've recently purchased

the Samsung A867 Eternity, imagine how depressing this lack of service is. Can anyone help?

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Re: AT&T vs. BofA

Bank of America has nothing whatsoever to do with AT&T.  BofA uses a simple web page, formatted specifically for mobile devices, but still nothing more then a web page. (or is device depandent in terms of BofA's coding of their mobile web apps, so you need to check their site to see if your particular mobile device is supported.


Assuming your device is supported, all you need is a web browser and a data connection on your phone/device - one that supports https connections.


AT&T really has nothing to do with it, which I like - BofA is a purely web based approach and is wholly independent of the carrier for anything other then a data connection. 


P.S. after logging into my online BofA account, I do not see the A867 listed as a compatible device for BofA mobile banking.  You can call them and ask, in case the list of supported devices is out of date, but otherwise, it may simple be that your choice of mobile device is not compatible with BofA's mobile web site. 

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Re: AT&T vs. BofA

I've only had the Eternity for two days, but have spend a lot of time trying to familiarize myself with the phone and features. I can not remember in which sub menu I found a mobile banking option, but when I looked at it, Bank of America was not on the list of banks that was offered, so like the other person said it's more likely a bank rather than a phone "issue". It does say to keep checking as more banking institutions are being added all the time. It would be a very helpful feature!
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Re: AT&T vs. BofA

Hello acksunny,

I also did more phone surfing and contacted both BofA and AT&T, well to make a long story short, it seems to be the matter of the A867 making the compatible device list. Hopefully around February, 2009. This is only a estimated date quoted by a tech at ATT, we shall see. Thank You for your reply. By the way would anyone know why my emails alert screen has a 01/01/1939 date and the time of notification are wayyyy off.

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Re: AT&T vs. BofA

I would like to let everyone who read my first posting, know that it's Febuary and my BofA mobile banking suddenly appeared. Now that my A867 can now access BofA mobile banking it seems other apps are functioning correctly. I would like to thank the "apps fairie" for looking out for all the people that purchased the Eternity. Now if we could just have more apps (free) and the "whispering ringtones" and alert notification truly go to 7, the Eternity would be in the top ten.
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Re: AT&T vs. BofA

Hi donban

I just checked my phone (My Stuff> Games &Apps> Mobile Banking) but did not find Bank of America listed under available providers. I hit Continue to update the initial list, but it's still not on there. I shut the phone off and tried again- still not there. I then went to Settings> Software Update but still nothing. Could you tell me how it appeared on your phone, and how it's working???



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Re: AT&T vs. BofA

Hello acksunny

I was in contact with BofA's techs and ATT techs since I purchased my Eternity in 12/08 and many "get back to yah's" I was told last month by BofA that they would be updating their compatibility list in Febuary. And so it seems to have happened. The explanation about their updates was they only update when there is a reasonable amount of devices (new) to be addded. The i-phone got a priority break mainly because of the "hype" for the device. Well acksunny that's how it was given to me. By the way I just closed out a ticket with ATT and if your have a problem with email alerts, Samsung will be releasing an update in May 09. I don't know all that will be in this update, but I will be looking for it.


Have A Good One.

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Re: AT&T vs. BofA

Thanks for the info - and I found the Eternity on the BoA's online list of compatable phones! Funny that the list on the phone itself is not updated...


Now if we could only get Yahoo! Go on the Eternity my life would be pretty suaeeeet!


Happy Friday the 13th! Smiley Wink

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Re: AT&T vs. BofA

I went to menu

media net

enter URL

typed in

enter your account info, to sign in then choose mobile banking.

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