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Data Usage & Overages

Data Usage & Overages
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Is there any way to just turn data off when it gets all used up to keep from getting charged overage fees
I discovered yesterday that I have a mobile tethering feature on my phone. I read that since I am on a Mobile Share Plan I can use it. My question how do I know if it is using my data up? Can the hotspot use make me pay overage charges?
I have an unlimited data plan and I would like to enable my personal hotspot so I can use my iPad. I am being told, in order to use the personal hotspot, I have to lose my unlimited plan and pay $50 per month for 5GB. Does this make any sense to anyone? If I have an unlimited data plan, what difference does it make which device I use (iPhone or iPad), it all takes from my ex... read more
I'm currently trying to decide if switching out of a grandfathered unlimited data plan to the Unlimited Plus plan is going to be worth what might only be a $20-25 difference in price. In reading the small print about the $25 discount on Directv I came across this: "Requires qualifying, AT&T video service and AT&T Unlimited Plus wireless plan." Does this mean that just because w... read more