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Re: wappush spam: "AT&T FREE Tip"


wappush spam: "AT&T FREE Tip"

I signed up recently with AT&T and had my number ported. Shortly after, I started recieving these messages on my phone:


"AT&T FREE Tip 4 of 5: Check ur voice plan minutes used & sms msgs sent w/ My Account. This is a no-charge service. Click below. 2end mktg msgs send STOP to 2804 http://b.wappush.net/wapclick//ma/1180525/244911961"


After some research, here is what I found.

Don't bother sending STOP to 2804, these messages are NOT from AT&T, they are indeed spam and are cleverly disguised as AT&T messages, but they are not. The party responsible is  <http://www.2ergo.com/>, an advertising firm. Ultimatly though, AT&T is reposnsible - otherwise WHY would I have started receiving these messages after signing up for service. I believe AT&T is selling it's customers numbers for the purposes of advertising. This is the only logical conclusion. What's more, I believe that I am being CHARGED for each these messages. So, AT&T are a bunch of schisters and screwing over their customers. What else is new?


Anyway, as for stopping these messages - they are not sms, they are not mms - they are something called "wappush". As of yet, I don't know how to how to stop them, other then cancel my AT&T service and never do business with AT&T again. If anyone has any ideas or input, please advise...

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Re: wappush spam: "AT&T FREE Tip"

After adding MEdia Net to my plan some time ago, I also was receiving these TIP messages from ATT, or so I THOUGHT were from ATT, until THIS point. Luckily enough, I just deleted them. I think there were 8 that I received over a period of time.



     we live & learn~

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Re: wappush spam: "AT&T FREE Tip"

What you might try is log on to my wireless account. Click my profile, then account information, scroll down to marketing settings and uncheck text message and phone, click save changes.
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Re: wappush spam: "AT&T FREE Tip"

Ideas, yes, we have.  First of all it is nuts to charge for incoming text messages.  You cannot control who sends you junk and essentially takes your money.  I did text for years and years on ATTWS.  Dime to send and free to receive, always.


Having to shut off SMS and MMS is certainly one way and it is what I have done.  Not because I had any significant amount of spam but because of the outrageous pricing.  I use a data plan and do all messaging via email.


If you really wanted to keep and use SMS/MMS, I would suggest complaining and requesting credit and/or an official way to stop it.  

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Re: wappush spam: "AT&T FREE Tip"


I found out where to disable "Push messages" - on the handset itself.

On my Samsumg SGH-A767, it's Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Messaging Settings > Push Message > Receiving Option = OFF


I have not confirmed this to work, but I have not received another one of these incidius messages yet either.




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Re: wappush spam: "AT&T FREE Tip"

What a mess.  AT&T's solution to wap push spam is to turn WAP Push off.  Typical willful ignorance on their part.  Of course, they woudn't want to no longer allow third parties to send messages impersonating the company.  No, that would be un-wise. I guess no big deal, since AT&T doesn't seem to use WAP push for anything useful, such as keeping its handset firmware up to date.

BTW, WAP Push messages are simply specially encoded SMS messages, on AT&T's networks.


Probably not a bad idea to turn it off entirely: AT&T's incompetence is so well demonstrated I won't be surprised when we see a big virus outbreak via WAP Push message breach.

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Re: wappush spam: "AT&T FREE Tip"

try texting stop back insted of no it seems to work better
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Re: wappush spam: "AT&T FREE Tip"

You could have replies with "STOP" and it should stop.
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Re: wappush spam: "AT&T FREE Tip"

Stop doesn't work at all for these messages.  Here's why:


According to AT&T, the messages aren't really from AT&T. But, the address the STOP reply message would go to IS AT&T. 


So a stop message would go to AT&T, telling them to stop sending messages they claim they aren't sending in the first place. Robot Mad

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Re: wappush spam: "AT&T FREE Tip"

Alright, like it says above, this is coming from a wap(internet) service and yes 2ergo.com is the one sending them out. I had this issue as well and was able to find a number for this company.  703-879-3400, option 3 to speak with customer service representative. Now I had to explain it in a way that would make sense to them. I told them its a text but its coming through my internet access. It says ATT TIPS. The rep understood what I talking about and said he actually works on these set ups(got lucky). Gave him my number and he said he would have it removed from their data base and would call back. Good luck, this is your solution.  

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