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view text messages from my computer


view text messages from my computer

Is there any way to view teh text messages sent to my cell phone from ,y computer?  many times i am at work and cannot use my cell phone and i need to see if I ahve any text messages.
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Re: view text messages from my computer

@osumom wrote:
I want to be able to keep track of my sons texts.  It may seem like im being nosy.  But as a parent, I believe I need to keep track of him so that he will live to 18.  So I think that being able to check his texts so I can make sure he is not doing something illegal.  And with way kids are acting these days i think it is important

Why don't you parent and just be cool and ask your kids to either tell you what they are doing or please not do anything bad.  If they trust you they will probably listen, even when they seem like they won't.  If they don't trust you, I'm sorry you lost that somehow.   Being nosey will only make them hate you more yeah?  Imagine if the government wanted to control more of what you do.  If police were reading your text checking on you, making sure you are not doing something illegal.


Respect goes both ways.

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Re: view text messages from my computer

AT&T offers the AT&T Messages App for the Android OS that will allow you to view your text messages on multiple devices, as well as store them in the AT&T Cloud!


View more information here!


Other than this app, there are no AT&T supported methods to view text messages. This information is not captured or stored by AT&T so it is not available for viewing online. 

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