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medianet on pay as you go working for others?


medianet on pay as you go working for others?

Edit: never mind i figured it out.  


I know this might not be many folks in this situation. I extended 3 months of unlimited medianet after finding out AT&T was not going to extend medianet for Pay as you go customers, which I have on my unlocked iPhone 2G. So my medianet is set to expire on Feb 12, 2009. However, as of 3 days ago, all iphone EDGE internet connection started working intermittently and then completely stopped working.

Does anyone else still have medianet and did this happen to them? I checked and when I call 611 it still says medianet is set to expire on Feb 12th. I'm wondering if AT&T is somehow blocking medianet from working on iPhones. If so, then perhaps when Medianet runs out, I won't even be able to use the 5MB plan that I was planning on getting. That would force me to a real iPhone plan or off of AT&T entirely.

I would call AT&T but I assume the first question they would ask is what type of phone I have and they probably won't support Medianet for iPhone since it's not supposed to used with iPhone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Re: medianet on pay as you go working for others?

Media Net was down for a few hours, a few days ago, and should be working for you now. If you need unlimited data for your iPhone, I believe it is still available to customers that have a PYP account with their 2G iPhone.
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