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blackjack 2 / IM question for AOL instant msgers


blackjack 2 / IM question for AOL instant msgers

hey guys i currently got my blackjack 2 in the mail today i was woundering if i can use AOL instants msgers since i have unlimted texting but im afraid that i will be charged for data .. which i dont have i really dont want to have to pay for it oh yeah the aol instants msger icon was prebuilt on the phone when i got it so yeah.. can someone tell me the answer thanks - brandon
oh yeah it says powered by oz verison 4.1.9

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Re: blackjack 2 / IM question for AOL instant msgers

As long as it is an at&t branded device and you access IM via the pre-installed IM client, you won't be charged for the data usage when your billing statement is generated.  (You may still see data usage in OLAM and/or on your phone.)  If you access IM via the MediaNet page, you will be charged for the data.
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