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Your MEdia Net session has expired

Your MEdia Net session has expired

All of the sudden, about the 1 year anniversary of my signing up for AT&T wireless with MEdia Net, I started getting an error message "Sorry! Your MEdia Net session has expired.  Please select 'Continue' to return to the last page."  This error message happens when I try to make changes to my preferences (such as reorder teams on the sports page).  Tech support has been no help.  They seem to treat this as if it is an internet access error and are not understanding that my phone internet works, I just can't make changes to the preferences.

I read another post about this and it said "problem solved" but had no solution listed other than to call support to see if they could help (they haven't been able to)

Anyone else encounter this problem?  What was the fix? 

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Re: Your MEdia Net session has expired

I have also tried all the "first response" fixes such as turn phone off/on, remove battery & let it sit for 5 minutes, etc.
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Re: Your MEdia Net session has expired

Can you please post what type of device you are using? Maybe with a little more info, someone may be able to help you. Thanks! Smiley Happy



     we live & learn~

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Re: Your MEdia Net session has expired

Samsung Blackjack II phone
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Re: Your MEdia Net session has expired

Same problem with LG CU500v phone, clear the cache and cookies while being logged on to media net.  That fixed my problem.  I was trying to change things on the financial page.

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Re: Your MEdia Net session has expired

I actually solved the problem myself accidentally.  I was looking at the phone and noticed the "allow cookies" was not checked.  When I checked it to allow cookies, the problem went away.

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