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Why has my data sky rapid since last month


Why has my data sky rapid since last month

We have the family sharing plan. We have four I phones attached to this plan. Two of our phones are unlimited texting and internet. We also have our home internet through Att u verse. So all our phones are to each other. Everything has been fine with our service. OBTW, we still have grandfathered in rollover minutes. We were using 10,803.07 We haven't changed anything in over a year and a half. This week my husband and myself received a text that this is a courtesy reminder that Data (MB): 42.58 Group Data (MB)6,803.07 of10,240. Messaging 147 of unlimited. When we received this text it was June 29,2014. The end of our is 7/14/14. We have never received a email think this before. We are already $265 for 4 phones and $100.00 for land lines. Every month, we have been far from over. The average is less than 2,000 and now 6803.07. I am afraid att is going to say that is my problem. Could you tell me what can u tell if any what would cause my "minutes" to triple. Thank you for your help Joni


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Re: Why has my data sky rapid since last month

For the minutes I can not help you. However for the data make sure your devices are connected to as many WiFi networks as possible. Especially at home or at work (if available). This will help your keep your cellular data low. Also make sure there are no apps using data when your phone is on standby. Weather apps are the worst about eating up data because they're checking for weather updates constantly. Hope this helps. 


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Re: Why has my data sky rapid since last month

Hi Joni Fitch


If I'm understanding you correctly, you are on a Mobile Share or Mobile Share Value plan. Your minutes are unlimited and could be just about anything. 


As for your data plan, it seems as though your Husband's line that received the text message is using a very tiny amount of data. You can go onto the myAT&T app on your phones, or on the computer and see the individual usage for each line. 

Most likely one of your lines is using a very data intensive app off WiFi (Such as Skype, Whatsapp, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify etc.) or are doing constant app updates off WiFi as well. The best soultion is to identify the phone and check to see what that person is using and ensuring they are connecting to WiFi. 


Hope this helps!

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