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Which PDA Plan can I use?


Which PDA Plan can I use?

I am trying to get the correct PDA plan.  I am moving from the PDA Enterprise GOOD plan.  I am wanting an unlimited plan.

If I am connecting to an Exchange server for email, can I use the PDA Personal (unlimited) or will I have to get a PDA Enterprise plan?


I cannot find any specific details.  I am NOT using ATT for any email services (Direct Push, etc.).  I have my own exchange server for email.


So can I use the less expensive PDA Personal unlimited?

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Re: Which PDA Plan can I use?

What phone are you planning on using.  That will make a difference.

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Re: Which PDA Plan can I use?

cingular 8525 phone.
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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Which PDA Plan can I use?

You can use the PDA Personal Plan on the 8525.  I've used it for years with the 8125, th Tilt and now the Fuze for both personal emails and MW Direct Push (Exchange Server).
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Re: Which PDA Plan can I use?

Thanks, I made the switch last night and it's working fine.
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