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Verizon Galaxy S7 can't use mms on AT&T network.


Verizon Galaxy S7 can't use mms on AT&T network.

I've contacted customer support and was told my unlocked Verizon phone will not send messages to more than one person and will not receive or send photos. Kind of limiting for text messaging.

Also, I can only get H+ speed. 

Is  new phone from AT&T the only answer or are the tech service folks working on a fix?

I have a friend with a Galaxy S7 from AT&T. We compared phones and he was getting 4G LTE and has no problems with mms text messages.

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‎08-24-2018 2:13 PM

Re: Verizon Galaxy S7 can't use mms on AT&T network.

Hello, @Dvalerio,


Verizon branded Android devices never work with MMS on the AT&T network. It comes down to how they've set up the messaging app on the device. You may want to take a look at third party messaging apps so you can get involved with group chats, as well as send images and video.


If 4G and LTE is available in your area, you should be able to access it. Take a look at our steps on how to program correct data settings for non-AT&T branded devices and see if that helps.


Have a great week!


James, AT&T Community Specialist

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