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Verify: Domestic Data Roaming in US all included?


Verify: Domestic Data Roaming in US all included?

I'm pretty new to the iPhone and am using more data then with my previous, not so smart phone.  I'm on the 200MB per month plan and that's fine for me.


I understand the international usage can be expensive as such data roaming is not included in the plan.


I'd like to verify that all USA data roaming is included. I've read the site and it sounds like there is no way that using data anywhere in the USA will be billed any differently than if I used it on my home AT&T network. 


Is that correct?




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Re: Verify: Domestic Data Roaming in US all included?

That is correct.  However if the percent usage on roaming within the US is too high for consectutive months, they may reach out to you.


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