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Unlimited Data for Air Cards


Unlimited Data for Air Cards

After being on the phone for two days and hearing the same thing over and over again about the 5GB cap which was just thrust on me and l will not accept due to the fact l have a binding contract with ATT since 2003 and did not sign a contract that stated UNLIMITED DATA CONNECT with a 5GB CAP in fact in that time period it was unheard of and who in there right mind would sign a contract that was unlimited and also restricted can anyone tell me when the cap was put on the unlimited plan. ATT if my contract on that aircard is not binding then the other contracts we share are also null and void.

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Re: Unlimited Data for Air Cards

Wrong....try again. AT&T's Wireless Service Agreement states that continued usage of AT&T's service constitutes acceptance of their terms, which may be updated at their discretion. 

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Re: Unlimited Data for Air Cards

 As far as I can tell Aug of 2010 was when they emplemented the cap on the unlimited plans .

 The contracts we signed were only good for one or two years 


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Re: Unlimited Data for Air Cards

They capped it and offered you to leave your contract ETF free. They got rid of it 100% no grandfather
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