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Texting issues after porting number in.


Texting issues after porting number in.

Texting issues after porting number in.
So, I am in a little bit of a situation.

I have a plan with ATT right now and it used to have a different number. I had a number from Google Voice that I wanted to port in a become my normal number. So I call the port number and give them all the details and within 24 hours it was done, so i called to have them replace my current number with the number i ported in so that would be my new number.

This is where something went wrong. Before, when I had the old number I could send texts just fine to anyone. Fast forward to when I port my number in and replace, and I can no longer send anyone texts. They send, but the recipient doesn't receive them. And I don't get theirs either. I have tried two different phones and still nothing.

It gets even worse, I call ATT to see if they can help and one of the kind reps tests it with his personal phone. I receive the text, he sends the ATT Text with a link to the app...I get that to. I try it on my other phone and nothing. Since it was thanksgiving and I couldn't be bothered with going, I went today.

I go in today and the person helping me does everything he can, including messing with the APNS(One Plus Two is the device) and he gets messages and can send them to me with no problem. He has an iPhone so he gets someone else's device, an S5, to test and low and behold, it works. I go back home and I text my friend and he tells me he hasn't gotten it. I try my wife's device and the phone doesn't get it. I tried sending it from her phone and nothing, so I am back to square one again.

My last option is going to a different store to see if they can help. Is there anything else that I should try?

The following is what I tried.

Changing APN's
Changing SIMS (Replaced)
Changing Devices
Factory Reset.

Nothing has worked.

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Re: Texting issues after porting number in.



I recommend trying technical support instead of going to the store. There might be a routing issue that the store will not be able to see. Our team will be happy to help you with that! Please send us a private message by clicking here. Please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


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Re: Texting issues after porting number in.

Sorry for the late reply, I thougt the response would have been routed to my email. 


I'll try that, thank you for the response.

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