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Texting SCAM ARTISTS "GAGACell IQ Fun Facts" 25870


Texting SCAM ARTISTS "GAGACell IQ Fun Facts" 25870

Hi all,


I'm sure that this is not a new topic but felt I'd share in case these people start texting you.

Started receiving texts from "GAGACell IQ Fun Facts" whose short code is 25870

I texted back STOP, which to my understanding is the universal "take me off your list" msg but maybe I'm wrong

I think received a msg from 1111487101 stating that I have discontinued and will no longer receive messages or charges for the service from


First of all, I never signed up for it


This morning I got my bill and it was higher than usual so I took a look and discovered that I was getting a 9.99 charge for a monthly subscription.  I called ATT and they removed the subscription and refunded the money but looking deeper into it, I discovered that the subscription was from these people and it STARTED on the day I texted STOP to get off their list.


Like I said, this is probably a pretty common story but its the first time this has happened to me and I wanted to share in case any of you are getting texts from these SCAM ARTISTS

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Re: Texting SCAM ARTISTS "GAGACell IQ Fun Facts" 25870

I agree, this is a very serious issue and we are actively working to prevent scammers and phishers from being able to prey on people. 


One of the ways you can help is by reporting spam texts that can result in these subscriptions. 


When you receive text spam, forward the whole message to short code "SPAM" (7726) from your phone. There is no charge to report mobile spam and messages forwarded to 7726 do not count toward your data usage or voice package.


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Re: Texting SCAM ARTISTS "GAGACell IQ Fun Facts" 25870

I've been getting quite a few of the "You've won a $1000 XYZ Gift Card" spam texts, since I have a purchase block on my line...didn't realize I could forward them to a spam number. That's a great suggestion.

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Re: Texting SCAM ARTISTS "GAGACell IQ Fun Facts" 25870

Wow I didn't know that you could report spam texts. I agree with SD1960 that it doesnt just happen with ATT the other cellular providers experience the same problems as well. In most cases if its only for a month or two customer service does not have a problem with issuing credit and I do suggest to place a block on your phone.
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Re: Texting SCAM ARTISTS "GAGACell IQ Fun Facts" 25870

Sorry to sound like such a, on my iPhone, do I "forward" to you this text message from GaGaCell?

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