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Texting SCAM ARTISTS "GAGACell IQ Fun Facts" 25870


Texting SCAM ARTISTS "GAGACell IQ Fun Facts" 25870

Hi all,


I'm sure that this is not a new topic but felt I'd share in case these people start texting you.

Started receiving texts from "GAGACell IQ Fun Facts" whose short code is 25870

I texted back STOP, which to my understanding is the universal "take me off your list" msg but maybe I'm wrong

I think received a msg from 1111487101 stating that I have discontinued and will no longer receive messages or charges for the service from iq.gagacell.com.


First of all, I never signed up for it


This morning I got my bill and it was higher than usual so I took a look and discovered that I was getting a 9.99 charge for a monthly subscription.  I called ATT and they removed the subscription and refunded the money but looking deeper into it, I discovered that the subscription was from these people and it STARTED on the day I texted STOP to get off their list.


Like I said, this is probably a pretty common story but its the first time this has happened to me and I wanted to share in case any of you are getting texts from these SCAM ARTISTS

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Re: Texting SCAM ARTISTS "GAGACell IQ Fun Facts" 25870

I've been getting quite a few of the "You've won a $1000 XYZ Gift Card" spam texts, since I have a purchase block on my line...didn't realize I could forward them to a spam number. That's a great suggestion.

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Re: Texting SCAM ARTISTS "GAGACell IQ Fun Facts" 25870

Wow I didn't know that you could report spam texts. I agree with SD1960 that it doesnt just happen with ATT the other cellular providers experience the same problems as well. In most cases if its only for a month or two customer service does not have a problem with issuing credit and I do suggest to place a block on your phone.
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Re: Texting SCAM ARTISTS "GAGACell IQ Fun Facts" 25870

Sorry to sound like such a newbie...how, on my iPhone, do I "forward" to you this text message from GaGaCell?

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