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Text message sending issues


Text message sending issues

Having intermittent issues sending text messages between our 4 iphones of various models over the last couple of weeks. The progress bar will reach about 90% and then stall. Eventuall the "not delivered" text shows.


Cycling the radios by toggling Airplane mode seems to get the message to deliver. Sometimes it requires cycling multiple times.


The iphones are 5 and 5s models. Some are running iOS7 and some are iOS8, so that rules out blaming it on the new OS release.


Anyone else seeing this behavior? It's highly frustrating since messaging normally works very well.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Text message sending issues

Hello @mark3000, when was the last time you power cycled all the phones?


Restart your Apple device:
  1. Turn off: Hold Sleep/Wake until red slider appears, then slide red slider right.
  2. Turn back on: Hold Sleep/Wake until Apple logo appears.









You can also try resetting the iMessages on the devices:


1. From the home screen, tap Settings.
   2. Tap Messages.
   3. Tap iMessage to toggle Off. Tap again to turn back on. Note: Please allow activation to complete before proceeding.

After iMessage reset, retry message.


Let us know if this fixes the problem!

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Re: Text message sending issues

*Ninja Update* - Phone switched from LTE to 4G and now text messages go through no problem.  Maybe my LTE signal is too weak?  Data works on LTE, however. Strange.  Will update if things change again.


Hi - I'm having this issue also.  It started this morning (16 October); now I cannot send text messages.  Progress reaches 95% and then abruptly fails.  I have powercycled my phone, switched to airplane mode several times, toggled iMessage, and still I get the failure. My data works (I'm streaming music now over LTE).  Is there an issue with the SMS gateway?

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Re: Text message sending issues

I'm having the same problem with my new iphone 5c I recently purchased for my child.  She can't text me after school because the message won't go through.  Her texts reach her other contacts, just not me! Smiley Sad

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