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Tab E 8.0 Hotspot Issues


Tab E 8.0 Hotspot Issues

My Samsung Galaxy TAB E 8.0s mobile hotspot just stopped working today. I am on the unlimited plus plan with 3 other phones & those lines include 10 gigs of hotspot use. I use the Tablet just as a hotspot & it has unlimited hotspot use(no data cap for hotspot). I've had this same plan for almost 2 years & I've not changed anything on my plan or on any of the devices. It was working perfectly until about 12pm and now when I click on the hotspot from the widget on the homepage or through the ATT all access app it blinks green very fast & shows a Red ERROR message. Then I get a pop-up telling me I could be having network issues please try again later if it continues to call 611. I reset my network settings, turned the tablet off for longer than 10 minutes then back on, checked all apps to make sure they were all updated & no suspicious Apps that didn't already come included on the tablet when I purchased it. Clear the cache in all of my apps turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, checked for software update, & everything is good & working as normal. When I call they tell me to do all of these things over again and nothing is working but I pay $250 a month and I should not have to worry about having a 30 minute phone conversation trying to fix a hotspot issues or spending an hour online troubleshooting. Please help

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‎03-15-2019 9:02 AM

Re: Tab E 8.0 Hotspot Issues

Hello @SamsungX4

That's very unusual, thanks for letting us know.

Do you get the same error when you enable the hotspot feature on any of your other 3 devices? Have you reporting the problem using the AT&T Mark the Spot app on your Galaxy Tab E 8.0? Is your tablet connecting to mobile data - can you browse the internet?

We suggest the AT&T Troubleshoot & Resolve (TS&R) tool to run tests to check provisioning, and device settings. Simply sign in and we will do the rest!

Please try TS&R, and reporting the problems with the Mark the Spot app. If you continue to get the 'Red ERROR message' please post back for additional support. Thank you!

Kenneth, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Tab E 8.0 Hotspot Issues

My tablet has an annoying error message “Google Play Services keep stopping ” and I read that if you go to force stop it will eliminate the problem but I can get to it. It’s not highlighted 

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Re: Tab E 8.0 Hotspot Issues

I'm having the very same issue with my Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0. I tried the TS&R, but this did not resolve the issue. I have also tried swapping out the SIM card, but again no luck. Do you have any other recommendations?

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Re: Tab E 8.0 Hotspot Issues

Sorry, I meant to note I'm having the mobile hotspot issue, not the Google Play services issue. 

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