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TXT messaging to email and Email to TXT---(


TXT messaging to email and Email to TXT---(

I'm confused about data plans and text plans.  If I have unlimited texting, can I send a text message to an email address w/ no charge?  Likewise, can I email a text message to a phone ( with no charge?


At what point would it be considered data? 


Is there a limit of characters to a text message, or could I email to text a big message and try to recoup some of the excessive cost that cell carriers charge for the bandwidth required to text?





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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: TXT messaging to email and Email to TXT---(

If you send an SMS to an email from your phone and you have a texting plan, it costs you nothing additional.  If you send an email to your phone you have to ensure you choose Plain Text for the formatting type to not incur charges.  However, I have not known AT&T to have many "texting" plans remaining.  They're all Messaging Plans now.  (Which are text, picture, video, and IM).  That you can email any type to your phone and not incur additional charges.
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