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SMS Phishing


SMS Phishing



I have called AT&T twice on this issue.


A couple of days ago I started to receive unwanted SMS text messages on my mobile device.  I don’t have an unlimited texting plan so each of these costs me one text.  The texts come from a number that is always changing.  They stated coming from: 1(410) 100-001, each time I would recive a text the number would increase by one, so 1(410) 100-002, 1(410) 100-003, ect.


The text of the SMS message is:


FRMSmiley Surprisednsh


MSG: M-A-S-T-E-R C=A=R=D .

Please Call : [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]


This can be easily researched on the internet as a Phishing scam.


The solution the AT&T tech came to was to disable or block all texts to my device as the source number keeps changing blocking a single number has no affect.  While this technically solves the problem it is not my desired solution.  Now I will have to either live with no text feature on my device or call back from time to time to see when this issue has been solved.  Basically I have to do all of the work.


Neither the phone support tech, nor the online chat tech knew this abuse email address.  I got it off a post on the AT&T forums: https://forums.att.com/t5/Data-Messaging-Features-Internet/Email-to-SMS-and-Spam/m-p/4190472#M66163


I am sending this email to report the issue.  The tech I spoke to in the attached email thread did indicate I would get some kind of an email on the problem for my tracking but that did not happen.

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Re: SMS Phishing

I’ve had the same experience except the message I received was a little more disturbing it reads, 

FRM: Mayda 

MSG: vyhuV.gfak1.cf/eh4zhl and I might die tomorrow but

and thats it I’ve googled the string of text that comes up before the message but to no avail I’ve googled the phone number and came to this forem I just wondered if anyone else had a disturbing message from this number honestly it kinda terrifies me.

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Re: SMS Phishing

They're still at it. I got a text from 1 (410) 100-003 that alleged to be from banking@[my bank's name].com. Together with the bad punctuation, it reads exactly:


MSG: Your [redacted] account has been suspended for security reason .To restore please visit : http://ssl.pnc-ovcrbfk.com


This is the only one I've gotten so far. Based on what I've read above I fear more may be coming... Smiley Sad



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Re: SMS Phishing

Reporting by forwarding to 7226 does not work. An auto-generated response is sent requesting the phone number of the sender, but the number “1 (410) 100-001” is not recognized. Three years without a solution? Come on, AT&T.

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Re: SMS Phishing

I just went to textport.com on their site it says:

Q: I received unwanted messages from this site. How can I stop them.

A: Please use our number block page to have your number immediately blocked. We will also review records to determine whether someone is attempting to exploit this site to send SPAM.

So I did that and I HOPEFULLY will stop getting all these spam txts!

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Re: SMS Phishing

I hope that works for you.  If not, please let me know and I'll work on an additional solution specifically for you!  Have a great weekend!

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