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SMS Phishing texts from (410) 100 numbers


SMS Phishing texts from (410) 100 numbers



I have called AT&T twice on this issue.


A couple of days ago I started to receive unwanted SMS text messages on my mobile device.  I don’t have an unlimited texting plan so each of these costs me one text.  The texts come from a number that is always changing.  They stated coming from: 1(410) 100-001, each time I would recive a text the number would increase by one, so 1(410) 100-002, 1(410) 100-003, ect.


The text of the SMS message is:




MSG: M-A-S-T-E-R C=A=R=D .

Please Call : [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]


This can be easily researched on the internet as a Phishing scam.


The solution the AT&T tech came to was to disable or block all texts to my device as the source number keeps changing blocking a single number has no affect.  While this technically solves the problem it is not my desired solution.  Now I will have to either live with no text feature on my device or call back from time to time to see when this issue has been solved.  Basically I have to do all of the work.


Neither the phone support tech, nor the online chat tech knew this abuse email address.  I got it off a post on the AT&T forums: https://forums.att.com/t5/Data-Messaging-Features-Internet/Email-to-SMS-and-Spam/m-p/4190472#M66163


I am sending this email to report the issue.  The tech I spoke to in the attached email thread did indicate I would get some kind of an email on the problem for my tracking but that did not happen.

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Re: SMS Phishing

Just starting to get similar spam texts (2 so far) from numbers that are close but different by a digit or two. Fortunately both have come overnight when my phone is silent, and rather than opening the text, I hold it and get an option to block that number.

It's unfortunate that a person can send a message to almost any number that exists without any responsibility. I would like to see an option to receive texts from contacts only and the rest would go to some holding folder where they could be reviewed manually.

If things got out of hand, AT&T does have a feature to change numbers instantly ($36) and I've used it a couple of times, but it is a real PIA to get all your contacts and business associations to change your number in their lists.

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Re: SMS Phishing

This is what I go:
MSG:Great! Your Wireless account have been credited with 35 USD. Only available for line ending ****. Please visit: u-s****
Thankfully I google unknown numbers. I'm sure it was phishing or a virus. What people will do to make someone else miserable.


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Re: SMS Phishing

Haw! After years of no issue, I just recently got something very similar texted to me this week. This con-artist tired to pretend they were from American Express though, with a fake domain of course...


Oh well, guess that may be the new phishing trend going forward... people finally started to get smart with not clicking on links in emails I guess...

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Re: SMS Phishing

I received this text a few minutes ago. Came from 1***. Said FRM:***  Fortunately I do not reply to anyone I don't know and research anything that looks fishy.  


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Re: SMS Phishing

I received a similar text threatening termination of my phone services, and I know of a family member who received the same text as well. Thankfully my phone determined the link and email address is a scam. It's unnerving for such a threat to occur when there isn't any basis for it.
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‎02-16-2016 11:54 AM

Re: SMS Phishing

Hello, everyone!


As some of you mentioned, the best thing that you can do when you receive a spam text message is report it. You can send in the spam message from your phone by forwarding it to 7726 (SPAM).

Or, if you are unable to view the text number, you can forward the entire message to abuse@att.net. Just as a heads up, if you do forward a spam text to 7726 (SPAM), it will not count toward your text plan.


You can learn more about these and other security measures by reading the articles below:


Reporting Spam Text Messages 


Security with AT&T



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Re: SMS Phishing

Okay, so I just got the same phishing text mesage from 1(410) 100-001. But how do I forward a text message? I've nebver done that, I've only replied to text messages. But I certainly did not reply to this ine!


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Re: SMS Phishing

If you have an iphone …

You select and hold the message until the menu appears and then press More and then you will see the selected message has a blue circle with check mark to the left of it. Then press the arrow in bottom right corner to forward.

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Re: SMS Phishing

Just got a msg from "FRM: Seth Robert Kuhlman MGG:"  shows coming from 1 (410) 100-003


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Re: SMS Phishing

This code or phone number is from textpro.com it is a online free texting 

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Re: SMS Phishing

This is from a free text messaging website textport.com

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Re: SMS Phishing

I just received one from :


FRM: server

Subj: (no Subject header)

MSG: you have 1 important message from your atm activity, PLEASE

contact us 480-***-****

asks for ATM card number, pin and security pin.....

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Re: SMS Phishing

Received from 1(411)*** today 


MSG:Complete your registration by returning to the site and entering:


Registration number: xxxxx


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Re: SMS Phishing

Incrementally increases by one digit beginning with 1 (401) 100-001 and now up to -003 FRM:vswytpanmh.  This started a couple of days ago.

Thanks for the textport.com heads up.

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