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Replacing 2g Go phone


Replacing 2g Go phone

I just got a new Asus smart phone to replace my old flip phone that I had years as Go phone.I do not want to transfer SIM card so I will call 800-331-0500 to activate new SIM card and keep same phone number.I am older person and never had smart phone  so there will be much to learn. I have no plan  just 25 c per minute and data or WIFI at all. I will call tomorrow to activate. Do I have to charge new phone before calling? Other thing, if I take the pictures with new phone and transfer them to PC with UBS cable I got, do I pay for that by minute like calls or it's free? Not sure also if I can use my PC WIFI for new phone when at home( Just to play with it if I am able to learn) and does it charge for that? Have many questions but I will do my best to learn basics as I need that phone in fact for phone calls only. Thank you very much !

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Re: Replacing 2g Go phone

You should charge the phone, it may be at 50%.  

Do not over charge.  It is advised to charge it to just under 100% and let it run down to 10-30% regularly.


Transferring pictures to your computer by cable costs nothing as it uses neither cellular or wifi.  

If you have home internet, you can connect to it for free data use.  You will be prompted to add your wifi passcode during phone set up.


You can prevent cellular data charges by turning off cell data on the phone.  Open settings, data usage, turn off cell data.   If you want zero charges, call 611 from the phone once active, and have data turned off on the account.  Please note this would mean no data use unless connected to a wifi source.  


Your phone depends on a google account.  Know the email and password, you need it for everything.




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Re: Replacing 2g Go phone

Thank you very much !


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