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Re: Please HELP... Dell & ATT Connect Card


Please HELP... Dell & ATT Connect Card

Hello Everyone,
I am hoping that someone may be willing to assist me in getting information.
I am planning on purchasing a DELL laptop computer for my son for christmas.  I am aware that they have an option of building the lap top to include a connect card, which I understand will result in a $60.00 monthly bill. 
My concern is the 5 GB limit.  My son is 14 and will I am sure want to use the internet to download (mp3's & games) and to communicate with his father when he goes to Iraq in the spring.  I am unsure of exactly the amount 5 GB equals... is it likely that he will go over... or is 5 GB sufficient for use?  If he does go over, what is the cost?
PLEASE help!!
Thanks so much.
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Re: Please HELP... Dell & ATT Connect Card

Why do you want to give your Son the mobile broadband plan.  Do you not have Internet access at home?  It would be much cheaper and less restrictive to use land based DSL or cable Internet access if that is available in your area.  If you already have a connection you only need a simple wireless router to share the connection with multiple computers.  The mobile broadband plans are not designed or prices for full time use as a substitute for land based service.

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Re: Please HELP... Dell & ATT Connect Card

Unfortunately... I am soooo unsavy regarding the best options... if anyone would be happy to assist me... it would be appreciated.
Currently we have one computer that is connected to Centurytel DSL.  I have been considering my options with wireless connect cards as I am completely clueless as to how to go about using more than 1 computer at a time on the same DSL line.  I have no idea how to identify what would be the best router to buy, nor how to install it. 
In addition the the laptop that I hope to buy my son for christmas, there will be an additional laptop purchased for another member of our home in the next few months... so is there in fact a way that all 3 computers can be operated via the same DSL connection independently at the same time?
Obviously, I need help!!
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Re: Please HELP... Dell & ATT Connect Card


What you need is called a WIFI or wireless router.  Something like this should help you share your DSL connection with everyone in your home.  They usually come with very good instructions and your DSL provider may also be able to help you hook it up.

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Re: Please HELP... Dell & ATT Connect Card

Thank you for the info... looks like asking results in saving me a great deal of money.... this single mom truly appreciates your help.  Have a great day!
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Re: Please HELP... Dell & ATT Connect Card

You are very welcome!
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