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Not receiving Verizon texts -mostly at night


Not receiving Verizon texts -mostly at night

I have an iPhone 4 (although I experienced this problem when I had the 3GS as well). I'm sporadically not receiving texts from my Verizon contacts. Lately it has been happening almost every night after/around 10pm-2am...sometimes they'll come delayed a few hours later; sometimes the next day, sometimes not at all. This was a problem back in the fall months too, and I had read that it was something AT&T and Verizon were working together to resolve...Any ideas? Is this going to be resolved any time soon?
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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Not receiving Verizon texts -mostly at night

its completely on Verizon's end. also did you port from Verizon at any point? seems it only happens to those users
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Re: Not receiving Verizon texts -mostly at night

I switched from Verizon about 4 years ago..? But I didn't keep my phone number. 


This is so frustrating =/

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