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No Help, No Hope, No Service


No Help, No Hope, No Service

I moved from Omaha to Sioux City in February 2014. Since that time I can't really use my texting. I have text messages drop into my phone in chunks at usually between 8 PM or 4 AM. It is not dependable at all, just like your customer service.

If I go back to Omaha or Des Moines, my text service works fine. I get no help from your tech support. Nothing! I was placed with escalated support but you know they have bankers hours and since I work 9-6 central time I get no help. They tried calling twice outside that time but at 6:01 or 6:03, so if I am not right off on time I couldn't answer.

I got a new HTC thinking that would help, it did for a day. This last weekend I finally received an older version of a Nokia it worked over the weekend and again. Nothing today, texting at 9am and nothing all day around 8:30 Bing Bing Bing text messages from before noon.

Your company has given us two $25 credits big deal. Lets take your texting away and see how life goes for you!!!!

I had two family members in ICU in the last 30 days and had no idea until hours later. Sometimes the texts never arrive.

I finally figured out to use Facebook for texting but that just runs my data plan out and soon we will go over and not all the older folks in my life Facebook.

Keep in mind I did not chose your company, I happily had Alltel. Your company bought us. I would just like to be released from your company and to get a refund from the last two months.

Please I need texting and feel I have waited long enough!!!!
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Re: No Help, No Hope, No Service

Hello @Anagennisi 


Do you have any other service or reception issues or it is just texts? Have you replaced your SIM card? You can contact our Social Media care team for more account specific help by clicking here, please include your name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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