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Moto X Data Roaming Issues


Moto X Data Roaming Issues



I used Moto X on a recent trip to Dominican Republic. Had Standard International Roaming with temporary Data Global Ad-on.


Voice service worked fine on Claro Dom (Orange and Viva networks were available as well).


Data roaming did not work well. With "Data enabled" and "Data roaming" set to ON, there was a grayed-out 4G indicator, but there was no connection to data network. As a spare phone I had my old Nokia N9. If I moved the SIM card from Moto X to N9, data roaming worked instantly. A few times, after moving SIM card back from N9 to Moto X, the 4G data connectio on Moto X would work, but it would not reconnect after switching to Wi-Fi or after powering the phone off. 4G works fine with Moto X here in US.


Has anyone had similar issues? Any clues on what might be wrong here?


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Re: Moto X Data Roaming Issues

Hi Sarunas, 


I have personally not heard of this problem with the Moto X. Were you using the AT&T branded model or an unlocked model?


Also the Moto X has a Nano-SIM card where your N9 uses a Micro-SIM card. Were you using an adapter to change the SIM card to work? 


When you are traveling internationally you should never actively change the SIM card from one device to another as network regestration could fail if you are not on the AT&T network and cause issues with both voice and data. 

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Re: Moto X Data Roaming Issues

There is no visual AT&T branding on the body of Moto X, but I ordered it through It came with a SIM card replacement for my ATT account and has AT&T Address Book and myATT preinstalled. I don't know about its locked/unlocked status.


Yes, for N9 I used nano-to-micro SIM adapter. The only reason for moving SIM card to N9 was that Moto X wasn't able to conenct to data network. Does the test show that the issue is not with the card, but with the phone? My concern is that with Moto X data roaming may not work in other countries as well. My two previous smartphones, Nexus One and Nokia N9, worked fine with data in Mexico and Europe, but that was with an older AT&T SIM card, which was replaced with the one that came with Moto X.


Are there any other settings on the phone besides "Data enabled" and "Data roaming" that may affect data roaming? Any tests that can be done? Why would data roaming sometimes work, but only after connection having been first made on another device?..


Thanks for any suggestions!






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Re: Moto X Data Roaming Issues

Yes My coworker and I both on MotoX had the exact same issue in Germany last week. Grayed out 4G symbol, swapping the SIM to another phone and that phone worked. Didn't matter which carrier in Germany we chose, O2, Vodaphone, T-Mobile, etc. they all behaved the same. No data roaming. Voice and Text worked fine. 


Very annoying, spent several hours on the Phone with AT&T customer support with no resolution. Finally got them to provide me with unlock codes so I coul dpop in a prepaid local SIM to limp by.

FWIW, the AT&T MotoX did not have this issue on previous trips to the same location prior to the KitKat upgrade.


Since that time I have spoken to other co-workers with MotoX and we have one other than confirmed similar behavior for them Overseas. 

The MotoX clearly has international roaming issues and should be avoided for international travelers until AT&T can resolve it.

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Re: Moto X Data Roaming Issues

I have the same problem. Phone worked great until 4.4 update. Now the phone is done when I travel to Germany where I work 50% of the time. Drop the sim into a Nexus 3 it works fine. My co-workers have this problem too.

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Re: Moto X Data Roaming Issues

sparrowJ and jeffrens, thanks for the info and for confirming the issue! I didn't use intl. data roaming before 4.4 upgrade came in.
I wonder if AT&T is still listening here and also where else can the issue be reported?
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Re: Moto X Data Roaming Issues

doing a quick scan of some android forums - the Moto X and 4.4.X has a number of issues from not working with Exchange Server to performance issues

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Re: Moto X Data Roaming Issues

I am in Spain.
Data only worked intermittently
In fact I had a hard time keeping voice in the center of Barcelona
The rep wouldn't unlock the phone, which might be the best option
Now I am just stuck with a bill for data that was useless
Seems like a good citizen wouldn't sell you something that doesn't work
Then the rep told me to update my phone to 4.4.2 when I got back to the US
Not the most reassuring exchange
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Re: Moto X Data Roaming Issues


Will AT&T re-imburse the cost of a service known not to work?

Why is the service being sold if it does not work/

Why not unlock the phones so a local SIM card can be used?

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Re: Moto X Data Roaming Issues


Same issue in Spain today

I couldn't get the rep to provide the unlock codes....

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Re: Moto X Data Roaming Issues

AT&T rep. on chat won't provide unlock code for me either. Even though that we were customers for many years with 2-3 lines and always paid the full price of our devices. Moto X is unfortunately the first carrier-locked one.


AT&T will reimburse the one-month Global Data Add-on, which I wasn't able to use.


The most bizarre response from the rep. was that "AT&T doesn't have approved Android versions for Moto X" and therefore they couldn't know of possible issues before selling the data service… ?!?!


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Former Employee

Re: Moto X Data Roaming Issues

Hi @sarunas ,


Have you received any answers to this issue?  We'd be happy to look into it for you.  Send us a private message here with your account and contact information. One of our managers will be in touch within 2-3 business days of receiving your information.

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Re: Moto X Data Roaming Issues

FYI - I had exact same issue, running KitKat. Phone had intermittent connection in Germany and Switzerland. Powering phone off and on would *sometimes* give me connection, but only temporarily. My colleague had her iPhone (also an AT&T device) and experience no connection issues.


AT&T did reverse the international roaming bill for me, since I had such poor connectivity, but I'd rather have the phone work, then get reimbursed, since I really need the international service.

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Re: Moto X Data Roaming Issues

System updated to 4.4.2 today. Changelog:,6720,8696...



This Moto X software update is for all AT&T users. After installing the software update you will notice some bug fixes and changes, including:

Printing documents and picturesAdded support for printing photos, Google Docs, GMail messages, and other content via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and hosted services like Google Cloud Print and HP ePrinters.
Improved battery lifeFixed bugs which caused a small number of users to experience shorter battery life after upgrading to Android 4.4.
Fixed email sync delaysFixed a bug that could cause email services like Microsoft Exchange to experience intermittent delays in data synchronization.
International roaming fixFixed a bug that caused data connectivity issues for AT&T Moto X users while traveling outside the US.

Hopefully this is the fix we needed…



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Re: Moto X Data Roaming Issues


I seem to be experiencing a similar issue with my AT&T Moto X, which is already running on Android 4.4.2. However I especially noticed the issue after AT&T unlocked my phone (which was a nightmare of a process in and of itself), so I can use a prepaid SIM from Orange in Spain.


Now, I am able to connect via Wifi, but no sort of data is working whatsoever. I have checked though all of the possible data roaming/connection settings I can think of, and restarted the phone numerous times without success. I am not sure if this issue is related to AT&T, Orange, the Moto X itself, and/or the phone itself. 

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