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Mobile hotspot and tethering


Mobile hotspot and tethering

How do I use my phone for a mobile hotspot or usb tethering? When I try to set it up in settings, it says to contact att.
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Re: Mobile hotspot and tethering

@jfkroh wrote:
How do I use my phone for a mobile hotspot or usb tethering? When I try to set it up in settings, it says to contact att.

Either your plan doesn't support it or something isn't configured properly (in which you'll have to call). When you get that message, it's not likely that you can fix it on your own (other than changing your plan).


What plan do you have?  Most plans should support tethering/hotspot; the only unlimited plan that supports tethering is Unlimited Plus.



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Re: Mobile hotspot and tethering

You cannot be on a retired, grandfathered unlimited plan or UNLIMITED CHOICE and get tethering. You must be on UNLIMITED PLUS or any Mobile Share Advantage plan.


If you're on a plan that supports it then give 611 a call and have tech support find out why it isn't working. Usually IMEI mismatch or provisioning error.

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