Mercury aircard with Acer laptop?


Mercury aircard with Acer laptop?

I just ordered a mercury aircard for my acer laptop. After ordering it I read two reviews on ATT that the aircard didn't work with the acer laptops for some reason. Could someone give me some more detail on what I might expect when I got to install, and get this thing running? Hopefully I'll see it next week. My computer is a Acer aspire 4720Z





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Re: Mercury aircard with Acer laptop?

Well, at one time they had an XML Parser error with AT&T Communication Manager  (ACM).  They fixed that.  Then they had blue screens.  They fixed that.  Then when you installed ACM, the keyboard and mouse broke. They fixed that.  Finally, they might not reboot after ACM is installed. They might have fixed that.  While I'm sure there is some fault with ACM, Acers just kinda, well, suck.


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Re: Mercury aircard with Acer laptop?

Well I got the Mercury aircard tonight, and had no problems installing it. And it works great! Connection is good and strong, and the speed is alot better than my old aircard I had.
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Re: Mercury driver incompatability w ACER

Due to the date of the original thread, post moved to a thread of its own and the original thread closed.

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