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MMS messages for Google Voice


MMS messages for Google Voice

Not sure if this is the right forum or not, but other carriers are allowing picture messages to be delivered through the Google Voice system. Why doesn't AT&T allow this? Seems they're always the last to provide features to its customer.  This feature has been available since late 2011. And yet the Big Two (AT&T and Verizon) still doesn't open this up for its customers.


Are there any plans in doing so?

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Re: MMS messages for Google Voice

Just checking if anyone from AT&T is going to respond...

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Re: MMS messages for Google Voice

This could be done tomorrow. I use a google voice number for SMS texts myself. It's just unfortunate AT&T isn't allowing MMS. I think they're just blocking it because they want to keep screwing you for the 20 cents a text and 20 dollar plans.
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Re: MMS messages for Google Voice

Have there been any more developments (positive or negative) on this?


Previously any MMS message with an image sent to my Google Voice number had the message and image sent to my Gmail inbox and the the message text was delivered to Google Voice as a text message.


Now, SMS messages between my AT&T mobile number and Google Voice number go through fine both ways.  


Problem is when I try to receive an MMS message on Google Voice from any carrier the text and image are never received - no errors or any messages.


When I try to send a test MMS message from my AT&T number to Google Voice the message fails and cannot be set.


It seems that AT&T is actively blocking receipt of MMS by Google Voice and the sending of MMS to Google Voice numbers from AT&T.


Is this right?  Have there been any changes in the last two months or so?

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Re: MMS messages for Google Voice

Any traffic on this?  Because this is about the worst thing they can do to progress.  I rather like AT&T, but this is making me want to go to Sprint who is GV compatibile.  

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Re: MMS messages for Google Voice

Saw this article on TechCrunch today I have verified that I can receive pictures sent to Google Voice Number. Waiting for the IOS apps that use Google Voice to add that functionality. Thanks Raul Gonzalez

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