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Just got the new HTC phone and can't get iPhone texfs


Just got the new HTC phone and can't get iPhone texfs

I got the first text from iPhone users but after I respond, I don't get any more. I turned off iMessage on my old iPhone, powered it off and uregistered it on the Apple website. Any other suggestions?
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Re: Just got the new HTC phone and can't get iPhone texfs

     I can help with that! This is very common when swapping from an IPhone to an Android. Basically, to have this fixed, IMessaging has to be unregistered by Apple because they have to revoke "certificates" for IMessaging so, you receive from other IPhone users and their phones will not pick up as if you still have an IPhone because instead of the green and gray bubbles, they are still seeing the blue and gray bubbles. So, what you must do is contact Apple directly so, this issue can be resolved. I have provided the number below:




     The reason why they have to fix it is because IMessaging is their Application and thats why there's the extra step to remove you from IMessaging. Once you speak to a Senior Technician at Apple, your issue will be resolved. Then your IPhone friends will love you again! Smiley Happy


I hope this helps!

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