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Instant Messaging Question????


Instant Messaging Question????

I have the Unlimited Messaging Family Plan for my phones. If I login to Windows Live IM and stay logged in will there be any charges for me being online all the time? If so, what is the time limit to being logged into IM?
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Re: Instant Messaging Question????

dcboyd69 wrote:
I do not stay logged. I was just wondering if there was a time limit for using IM. When I am logged in it shows up as I am using the internet. I just don't want any extra charges on my bill. I do use the preinstalled IM's.


If you're using the preinstalled IM's you can stay logged in as long as you want Smiley Happy No data charges as long as you use the preinstalled IM client.


Any 3rd party app or if you surf to the login, will use data.

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Re: Instant Messaging Question????

I see the data use show up today, but theoretically I shouldn't be billed for that, right? Yeah. *crosses fingers*
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Re: Instant Messaging Question????

technically we're not supposed to, but apparently i got billed last month and so did some others.  i forgot the other thread, but there were a couple people with data charges using the built in IM program.  hopefully you don't get billed so we can see whether att fixed it or not, but in case u do, u should try out the server fix a few posts up.  goodluck with that.
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Re: Instant Messaging Question????

I tried your little trick and I saw no data charges in my online account for that day. Very cool. Though what bothers me is that other propel users will think it's normal to be billed for data and will just accept it, like I've seen on yahoo answers when I was googling this problem. Sneaky, sneaky.


Anyways, thanks a bunch!

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Re: Instant Messaging Question????

no problem.  just wanted to help any other propel/att user who r getting billed because of att's stupid mistake.  it is kinda fishy they're selling phones that r improperly set, but good thing there's the internet.
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Re: Instant Messaging Question????

Any idea how I would access that menu on a Motorola Z9?  I had the same issue with their pre-installed IM clients, but can't access the menu to verify the addresses being used.


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Re: Instant Messaging Question????

update:  success, the bill just came in, and no data charges.  so i suggest anyone that is getting billed to change their settings.

and about the z9, i haven't owned a moto for a long time so i have no idea how to change the settings.  i remember that in order to change things on a moto, there was some editing on the phone internals, but i forgot how to do that.  if u want to know more about hacking a moto, try googling seem editing.  goodluck.

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Re: Instant Messaging Question????

Okay, I found how to see and check for the addresses, but the question I have now is that I have the cingular address along as well as the AIM, YIM, and MSN.  The only thing missing (there's no 2) from the IM addresses is the Port number.  Basically, I see "" for AIM, "" for Yahoo, and "", so I'm going to have to go on the notion that the port number is vital as well. 
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Re: Instant Messaging Question????

what happens when you put in the port number?
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Re: Instant Messaging Question???? there a separate area where u can put the port number?  for the samsungs it's with the address, but idk about the motorolas.
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Re: Instant Messaging Question????

Not sure right now.  I have the set-up saved on my computer at the place where I stay at... I'm at work at the current moment. As soon as I get back there I'll post the list so you would also be able to see the view... I'll only post the AIM one though, since the sets were all the same (except the parts that read AIM, yahoo, or msn). 
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Re: Instant Messaging Question????

Okay, these are my current sets for the AIM application... the proxy address is what I was wondering about as well as the server address.


Server Information

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Re: Instant Messaging Question????

after googling the proxy address and that port, it seems that they're right.  i don't see any config problems.  idk wut is going on, maybe u should give att a call.
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Re: Instant Messaging Question????

i have a preinstalled IM on my phone and i just got charged for DATA usage wth anyone help me with my problem?


just saw wat to do but i still dont get how to check my IM settings anyone help where do i type in those numbers

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nvm i just got it now to test it out
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Re: Instant Messaging Question????

Please see my topic 3G phones requiring data packages for IM messaging.


You will be charged for data. 


I will try this settings configuration, but as of right now I am still skeptical since my bill was over 600.00 because of data charges.

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