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Re: Group Text Limit – Information from AT&T

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How to group text more than 10 on AT&T

The Wait is over! AT&T is increasing the number of people you can group text and it is slowly being rolled out and tested _GroupMessageLimit_.pngon specific devices. Check out David T's  Advance Messaging page for more information regarding group messaging and the new features to come. 


***********Information below is still valid for some devices until the update is pushed to it.***********

***********We do not know when your device will support group messaging but it is coming.***********



Why Are There Limits?

 AT&T has implemented a limit to the number of group message participants as a way to protect our customers from spam and/or malicious software. AT&T is vigilant about protecting you, our customers, from unsolicited text message spam. 


Is AT&T Going To Update The Limit?

I can tell you that we are evaluating options for supporting larger group limits in the future. As this time, I do not have any information if or when a change will take place. Last updated 5/22/2019.


If spam messages have affected you, you can report them by:

  • Forwarding a copy of the SMS and MMS spam to short code 7726 (SPAM).
  • You are not charged for forwarding the spam message to 7726.


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Group Text Limit – Information from AT&T

I don’t know if that’s true...none of my friends run into the same issues I face and they can’t all be on Verizon...

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Re: Group Text Limit – Information from AT&T


I think that Verizon with the 20 limit is the true competitor to AT&T in the industry. T-mobile and Straight talk are tier 2 competitors in this space and most customers would expect a lesser level of service/functionality given the price difference. If im mistaken and AT&T views themselves in the same category as those two, having the same limit of 10 is acceptable and I just likely chose the wrong provider and am paying way too much. 

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ACE - Sage

Re: Group Text Limit – Information from AT&T

As of the first of this year, ATT is the number 3 carrier in the US.  T-mobile took over a million connections away from ATT and Verizon last year 

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Re: Group Text Limit – Information from AT&T

We discovered this issue at work when our work group exceeded 10 and we have two of the group who have ATT. Sadly for ATT, since it is for work, I expect the IT people to change providers in the future. 10 is too low of a number. 

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Re: Group Text Limit – Information from AT&T

This is so frustrating AT&T. open this up to 30


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Re: Group Text Limit – Information from AT&T

I am the Varsity Coach for a HS baseball team; I cant text my whole team. This is a terrible situation that AT & T has put me in. If I would have known this at the beginning; I would have went to Verizon.


Please fix this AT&T

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Re: Group Text Limit – Information from AT&T

There should be a way to turn the limit off as consumers we should have the right to request it lifted or given a setting switch on our accounts. 

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Re: Group Text Limit – Information from AT&T

Couldn't it be increased to say, 15 or 20 so people on a hockey or softball team can be included in a group text. I am looking at other providers if this 10 text limit continues.

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Re: Group Text Limit – Information from AT&T

Lol att ur so funny! If ur protecting against spam why ten? don't u think ur users may have groups with more than ten( example fantasy football leagues with 12 members trying to have a group thread) why not set it at 15 or 20 then???  What's stats do u have that 10 is a perfect limit? I'm not an att user I'm on Verizon and I have no issues with spam over 10 users...I'm am a DirecTV user and would love to switch over but this is a deal breaker in the fact I have 3 different group messages with over 10 users 

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Re: Group Text Limit – Information from AT&T

This isn't a great policy.  A spammer could just as easily spam a group as they could individuals.  there are tons of positive uses for groups of 25-50 that outweigh any drawbacks.  

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Re: Group Text Limit – Information from AT&T

AT&T are you listening to your customers?

You wasted two of my evenings, because your staff are not trained or maybe they are trained in the art of evading questions that don't put you in a favorable light. 

I went into AT&T store with this exact question ... they took my phone fiddled with it hummed and ha'd and looked at me and shrugged their shoulders and because I just got a iPhone X said it's a Apple problem and I have a warranty on it. I called Apple, and it stumped them too! They had me untoggle some things then put them back on, then download the latest update (11.3), my evening was over, family time was taken away from me, and they couldn't solve it, they suggested that I ask every member on my various groups to remove me from the group and add me again... obviously this didn't help. So off to the AT&T store I go after work, more family time missed, more time spent on something that should've been answered immediately. But nope, the sales associate that sold me my new iPhone X, that was oh so nice to me then, treated me like dirt, disregarded my questions, didn't offer any other assistance, perhaps calling AT&T support on my behalf, none of this, he got up and walked away from me... I was not shouting or belligerent, I was confused and wanted answers. So I called AT&T support, I got a whole bunch of "I understand ma'am, but no further, so I just asked, "so does AT&T have a cap on how many can be in a group" and well after being on the phone for 15 minutes trying to get an answer it was confirmed that indeed they do have a cap of 10 people in a group. I was given to a supervisor at that point because I wanted to know why AT&T does this ... she said it was to protect the customer. I asked when this would be resolved ... Silence. It was suggested that I use a different messaging platform to do larger group message... THIS IS NOT THE ANSWER! And more time taken away from my family.

So AT&T tell me, when will this abviously well known issue, but hush hush issue that not even your AT&T sales people say they don't know about (but today was told by one of them that they use group me) going to be corrected so your customers are satisfied. 

I want an answer. Is it going to be addressed and fixed to have more than 10 people (20 -50 people groups preferably) or are you just going to sweep it under the "rug" for the next 3 years. Oh ... and why didn't I get a survey email after that support call to tell you how they did? I've gotten one every other time. 

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Re: Group Text Limit – Information from AT&T

This is not a "solved" issue because the ability to send group texts to more than 10 recipients remains unaddressed.

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Re: Group Text Limit – Information from AT&T

This is not user friendly at all. We have kids that are involved in sports but I can not text the whole team at one time because of this. VERY INCONVENIENT. Wish I knew this before signing with AT&T. 

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Re: Group Text Limit – Information from AT&T

They will be losing me after contract is up. I just switched to them in December. Funny this limit was never told to me...

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Re: Group Text Limit – Information from AT&T

My friends and I have 10 people in a group text for basketball we use each week to see who is available to play. So frustrating with AT&T and group messages. Why do I get a separate thread for each person who responds? Very frustrating!

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