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How do I check Text Messages


How do I check Text Messages

Okay I just got free texting, but I only got 400 Texts a month. How do I know how many I have sent and received total for that month?
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Re: How do I check Text Messages

register your account on  You will be able to check your bill online, but it does not update till the next day or sometimes 2 days.  That means data/calls/text messaging will show on your bill, but a couple days after the usage.  Then it will reflect on your bill. Hope this helps
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Re: How do I check Text Messages

Another option that some phones have (both Nokias that I've owned have had it) is a text message counter.  I reset the counter on the 1st day of each billing cycle, and this gives me a more accurate count of my text usage in case of delayed reporting by Cingular.
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