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Group texts received as an individual text from each person?


Group texts received as an individual text from each person?

I receive a group message as individual messages from each person in the group. The group individuals have various brands of phones (iphone, samsung, etc) and cellphone services (verizon, att, etc). I can send a group message & receive in a group if I initiate the group message.

I had a Samsung 3 with Verizon before, no problem. Now I have a Samsung J7 with ATT. My settings have group conversation set/on.  

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Re: Group texts received as an individual text from each person?

Hello @Priusman,

I am sorry to hear of the issues with receiving group messages in individual threads. I can see the concern, and I would be more than happy to provide some additional information on this!

With group messaging, there are a few things which can impact how they are sent and received. With all members of the group with different devices and carriers, there is no guarantee for the messages to show up all in the same thread; although, it’s what we strive to accomplish with this feature.

We have a few resources online to help with correcting common issues, and providing more details on what is available with your device. You can click here to access our Device Support Tool to see step-by-step tutorials on your device. Please also feel free to access our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool to be taken through a specialized diagnostic flow specific to your phone and account.

I hope this helps! Please feel free to reach back out if you have any further questions or concerns. Have a wonderful day!

Nicole, AT&T Community Specialist  

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