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Email without data plan


Email without data plan

I have an AT&T Tilt, and I have been paying for the data plan for the last year.  My only need for the data plan is to get notified of emails through my Comcast account.  Isn't there a way to get email received in your phone without a data plan?  Other people with much simpler phones can get this, but I don't know if it's because they have a primary yahoo or aol account or whatever.  I want to keep my comcast email address, and I can't justify spending $39/month just for this.  Can anyone help me.  I know there has to be a way.  Thanks,



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Re: Email without data plan

Forward your comcast account to your MMS phone number: 10digitnumber@mms.att.net


The emails will come to your phone as MMS. As long as you have a messaging package, these emails forwarded to your MMS number will only count as MMS. If you don't have a messaging plan or have gone over your messaging plan, you will pay for each MMS message.


You should have at least an unlimited messaging package if you do the forwarding from Comcast because Comcast does not have filtering so all email will forward to your MMS if you set it up this way. You'll receive every single comcast msg on your phone.


If you have a limited messaging plan (1500 or 200 msg per month), you might want to start a GMAIL account...forward your comcast email to your GMAIL...and then in GMAIL set up filters to forward only certain messages to your MMS.


That is what I did when I did not have a data plan and had only 400 msgs.


Now I have a data plan and don't worry about it Smiley Happy


Good luck!

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Re: Email without data plan

See, I knew there was a way!  Thank you so very much for all your helpful information.  I love forums - you just can't beat the information you get on them.  Thank you so much, and have a very Merry Christmas!Smiley Happy
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Re: Email without data plan

You're welcome. Have a great Christmas yourself!
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