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Can't send texts with "https://goo.gl" in the text


Can't send texts with "https://goo.gl" in the text

I am a dispatcher for a trucking company and we send our drivers "pins" via Google Maps in order to get them to where we need them to go. This has worked for years until just recently. Now, any time we send a text that includes the text "https://goo.gl" in the message, the message goes out from our phone, into ATT servers, but never gets delivered. I've tested this by sending "test" texts to both my phone and to ATT's "test" line - "151". The test line replies and sayd that my text messaging is working, but then my phone (or any other) never receive the text. ALL other text messages work fine. They only get stopped if they include "https://goo.gl" in the text.


For example, if I want one of my tankers to go load at Brewster Cheese and they have never been there before,  I would send:


Brewster Cheese

This gives them a link to find it using their phone's GPS. 

Can somebody help me on this? I am tasked by my boss to get this resolved, and the last time I talked with someone on the ATT customer service, they told me it was an issue with my phone?!?!?!!????? I tried to explain to them that if their system was validating my texts, IT WASN'T in my phone. It's almost like the text server has blocked all texts from my dispatch cell number that have that link because it thinks I am spamming the links or something. Is there anyone who can check that for me? 


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Re: Can't send texts with "https://goo.gl" in the text

Hello @jenscabin,

It is my understanding your GPS is not working like it used to.  We definitely want to get this fixed.  I will be happy to assist you with this matter. 

Please send a private message to @ATTCares.  In this message be sure to include the following;

Full name:

Account number:

Time zone:

The best time to reach you:

Thank you for utilizing the Community Forums, and have an awesome holiday season!

Anthony, AT&T Community Specialist

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