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Can’t send regular text


Can’t send regular text

My phone (iPhone 8 plus) isn’t allowing me to send any messages expect for iMessages. I can receive and make calls but I can not send a regular text message. Please help. 

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Cannot send or receive SMS

Hi Everyone


I recently purchased an unlocked phone and added it to my Prepaid plan. Everything seems to be working fine except for one thing. I cannot set or receive SMS messages from phones outside of AT&T. (1) I can send and receive to another AT&T customer. (2) I can make and receive phone calls from phones on other carriers. (3) I can receive phone calls from a VOIP service, like google voice, however I cannot send or receive messages from the same service. (4) I cannot receive messages from two-factor authentication services.


The phone is a new android phone, and I have updated all of the software, reset the phone, taken the SIM card out and placed it in a different phone (this other phone had the same behavior, suggesting that this is a network problem, not a phone problem).


Any idea will help



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Re: Cannot send or receive SMS

Hi, @rfuller86,


We'd love to help with this. When did you activate the new device on your prepaid account? What type of phone is it? Please let us know.


James, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Cannot send or receive SMS

The phone was an unlocked Huawei Mate 20 lite, and I activated the account June 1.


I had been on Verizon for a number of years, and then moved the number to a holding service called Number Barn for a month, and then moved the number to AT&T.


When I discovered that the messaging was not working, I purchased an unlocked Samsung Galaxy A6 and moved the sim card from the Huawei into the Samsung, and the issue persisted.

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I can receive text messages but not send

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+.  I can receive text messages, but cannot send. Problem just started. 

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I can’t send out any text messages but can receive them , text or iMessage. I can receive calls and make them and can send iMessages. What do I need to do?

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Phone won’t send text

My iPhone 7 just stopped sending my text. But I can get them. 

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cant send messages

everything works except for outgoing messages..... it takes a minute and then says message failed to send. I can make calls and recieve messages. tried over network and wifi... restarted phone and performed update. still not luck

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Re: Phone won’t send text

I’m having the same issue, text not being and to be sent/received. I’m still able to make calls. 

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Anyone else not able to send texts this morning 

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I can't send text messages but I can receive them

Hi I can not send text messages but I can receive them. I am using a Samsung Galaxy J3.  The problem began this morning. 

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Re: Can’t send regular text

Same issue with Samsung 

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Text messages not sending

I have a samsung 7active. I am using att prepaid and it has always worked fine, since yesterday very text I try to send fails. I have plenty of signal. I have tried restarting my phone and nothing is helping


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My phone wont send messages this morning.

I've tried sending messages to different numbers this morning and they wont send. I can make and receive calls along with getting on the internet. I've restarted and turned my phone off. Nothing is working

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Text Messaging

I can't get my messages to go through. My plan is still active and internet and calling work fine. But when I send a text it says "message failed to send."

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