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AT&T messages only showing my messages


AT&T messages only showing my messages

When I use AT&T messages on the web it's only showing me the messages I send to people. I'm not seeing their replies. I'm using an iphone 5s and I recently had to change my icloud password and I think some settings got changed but I changed them back. I was able to see messages sent and receieved to people who didn't have an iphone but now I just see the messages I send. What's going on?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: AT&T messages only showing my messages

     Wow! I understand the importance of having access to the AT&T Messages and seeing your messages! Please disregard the "me too." I clicked it by mistake! For an IPhone, please make sure of the following:


While using the AT&T Messages service, you’ll need to turn off iMessage® in order to receive all text messages on the Web and tablet.

On your iPhone, go to Settings, Messages, iMessage and select OFF.blm After logging out of AT&T Messages, you can turn iMessage back on.


This is why the problem may be occuring. Make sure you have it off when you are in the site, when you log out, turn off. If this is not helping, chat with us so we can see the problem! You may visit the link below:


I hope this really helps!



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Re: AT&T messages only showing my messages

what if I can't see the calls log on this app?

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Re: AT&T messages only showing my messages

I have the exact same issue! I've posted on this forum as well and have tried all the recommendations given to me and none worked.


Also, I opened a ticket with AT&T Tech Support already and was told this is a trending issue now for a number of customers like us. I've been waiting for a couple weeks now and they still haven't given me a resolution to this issue. 

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