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Re: AT&T Messages Not working?


AT&T Messages Not working?

I recently lost my phone and the only way I have been able to keep in contact with anyone is through the AT&T Messages app on the web. Whenever I go to the website (messages.att.net) there seems to be an error and it won't allow me to log in. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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Re: AT&T Messages Not working?

The December 17 outage wasn't this long

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Re: AT&T Messages Not working?

I was promised on Friday or Saturday that today(Tuesday) was the last possible day it would be down.
I'm not very hopeful.
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Re: AT&T Messages Not working?

i guess we can keep waiting till it comes back up... apparently we might make it to a month before the site is back up and running. to think about it, dimitri still hasn't answered in this forum lol
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Re: AT&T Messages Not working?

i still find it quite amusing how many people just made accounts to post their concern about the website being down. thats crazy, and ridiculous and absurd that they haven't solved the problem loll
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Re: AT&T Messages Not working?

Count me in as a very frustrated customer (and a AT&T legacy retiree). First time on this forum. Two days ago I was instructed to reset my android device because I had a possible bad download of the new 4.3 system. I told them that I was only concerned about loosing my contacts via the AT&T Address Book. They said it would be no problem. Now I am lost. I need those contacts. I guess I should have kept my gmail contacts updated.... but wait.....I did not pay for that! Glad to see that the NEW at&t is on top of things....."easy to do business with".

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Re: AT&T Messages Not working?

I was actually told that they were taking the site down permanently when I initially called AT&T customer service in the first week of the problem.  The rep couldn't find anything to support this, so I thought he was mistaken.

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Re: AT&T Messages Not working?

No one knows anything! And if they do, they aren't spilling it. It is very sad that each one of us have been told different stories from all the reps. I utilize the benefits of the online messaging app for storage! Messages etc that I deleted off my phone, were always readily available online. I shouldve known better. If they are contemplating removing this app, why aren't they involving the customers at all? I will be lost if that's the case:/
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Re: AT&T Messages Not working?

Verizon Wireless has a working website for there texting....just like AT&T did.  For me it's worth a look to see what Verizon has to offer.  Hopefully their customer service and technicians have a clue on how to handle issues and customers.  Thumbs down to AT&T.


And by the way, AT&T is still advertising their fake texting from your computer.

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Re: AT&T Messages Not working?

Well, I guess I will have to check into another carrier. I think its a sad life, when the customer's weren't even warned that this maintenance was going to happen. I work in a job where I NEED my messages saved. Guess I should have backed them up.....
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Re: AT&T Messages Not working?

How about we get an answer?  It's apparently been weeks and lots of people are still waiting.


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Re: AT&T Messages Not working?

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Thank you,


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Re: AT&T Messages Not working?

I think this is ridiculous and horrible service on atts part .... This morning i tried the site and it let me put in my login in info and took me right to the maintenance screen like always ..... I dont understand why we cannot get an answer as to what is going on and when it will be fixed or if its going to be fixed ..... Every single
Time you call the person at att has no clue what is
Going on makes you think they are not doing anything about this at all ..... Getting more and more disgusted by there service daily and seriously checking into other carriers .... You would think by now they would have some kind of answer as to whats going on .....
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Re: AT&T Messages Not working?

Here's great service yet again from AT&T.  I just called and talked to customer service.  SURPRISE, she didn't know the site existed.  Got transferred to technical support.  She said the service is not being offerred to new customers...of course the web page she directed me to is a right there on their SHOP page.  She said "oh yeah that doesn't make sense."  I asked to speak to a manager...so he gets on the phone and I got the same thing, we know there is an issue and it is being worked on with no timeframe. 


Here's the kicker, I asked to get transferred to the Cancellation Department.  He said not a problem, began the transfer.  I was on hold for a couple of minutes then got a busy signal.  AT&T...There's your sign!


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Re: AT&T Messages Not working?

I'm in a chat with a tech right now. Asking very innocent questions. Trying to lead the tech to see the problem 🙂 By the way, I've been experiencing this problem since December as well. Just trying a different tact to see if we get somewhere.


Let's see where this gets us, folks! But at least, it certainly seems like decent customer service 🙂


Thank you for your patience! Your AT&T Representative will be with you shortly.

Welcome! You are now chatting with 'Sayaka Teraoka'

David {Personal content removed}http://www.att.com/shop/apps/att-messages.html#fbid=v64nTxiJv9L

David : located at that site

Sayaka {Personal content removed}Hi David, I can definitely tell you about AT&T Messages. What questions do you have?

David : Well, how does it work? Do I install an app on my phone?

David : And does using that app enable me to then send and receive text messages from a PC?

Sayaka : Those are all great questions, one moment as I look into this information for you.

David : thanks

Sayaka : You're welcome.

Sayaka : I am reviewing eligibility.

Sayaka : It will just be a moment

David : I read everything on that website

David : thanks again

Sayaka : Thank you for your patience.

David : it seems like a service I could use, especially the part where I can send and receive text message on my PC at work. That way, I can type easier and leave my cellphone in my pocket 🙂

Sayaka : Well that is a very beneficial feature.

SayakaWhat I am doing is reviewing the information about AT&T Messages in our systems.

David : ok, take your time

Sayaka : So here are the basic requirements to run AT&T Messages on your device.

Sayaka : A compatible LTE Android smartphones running OS 2.3.3 or higher.

David : Yeah, I have a Galaxy S4

Sayaka : A smartphone data plan.

David : I've actually already installed in on the phone

David : so how do I then see the messages on a web page?

Sayaka : Alright, well to access the AT&T Messages you should see a icon with a cloud and one orange bubble and one blue bubble on it.

David : yeah, that is on the phone. It seems to work for me there

Sayaka : Have you reviewed the legal information and accepted it?

David : yeah

David : I have just received a text message on the phone through AT&T Messages

Sayaka : Great!

David : but now, how do I see the message on the PC?

David : is there a website I go to?

Sayaka :



David : ic

Sayaka : That is the web page you would go to, to manage it on your PC.

Sayaka : I am showing that the application is currently under maintenance.

Sayaka : I apologize for the inconvenience.

David : DO you have any information about that maintenance?

Sayaka : One moment while I look into it for you.

Sayaka : I am just showing that this link Click here. is currently undergoing maintenance to further protect customers from spamming and unauthorized usage.


David : How long has it been down?

Sayaka: I do apologize for the inconvenience but I do not have that information.

David : And no idea how long before it's fixed?

Sayaka : Correct, there is no estimated time of resolution at this time.

Sayaka : I do apologize.

David : Because I've been trying to use AT&T Messages for over a month, and keep getting that maintenance error

David : and amazingly, AT&T still have a website that advertises a service that doesn't work!

David : at the least, the website that is advertising the AT&T Messages service should indicate that the link they're sending you to is nonworking for a month

Sayaka : It is currently under maintenance but you can still sen/receive messages from your smartphone, I understand the frustration and I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Sayaka : Just allow me a moment to see if there is an alternate way for you to link your device to your PC>

David : thanks

Sayaka : One moment please, I think I may have found something.

Sayaka : I am going to need to file a case, what browser type are you using to pull up the AT&T messaging web pager?

Sayaka : page*

David : I have tried Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

Sayaka : Thank you.

David : I was just doing some research, and it seems like Verizon has a messages website that seems to be working fine, according to some recent forum posts I've been reading.

Sayaka : When did you say this issue started?

David : Let's say December 20. I know it was mid December

Sayaka : And you are still showing the error when you tried the link I provided today?

David : yeah. Just the same error that you showed

David : it happens no matter what browser I use, no matter whether at work or at home. And, you got the same error, so it has nothing to do with network or browser settings, right?

Sayaka : Well if you cannot access the second link that I sent you, it may be a browser issue.

David : you are able to get to the login page at messages.att.net?

Sayaka : The second link I sent you was to lead you to the instructions to download the application.

Sayaka : On your PC>

David : yeah, I can get to the page that shows me to install the app

Sayaka : I wanted to see if you could at least log into that site.

David : I was already logged into AT&T, so I probably mypassed that login page

David : right to the error page

Sayaka : Alright, I will still need to file a case to have out specialist look into why the page is still under maintenance. They will be able to determine wether it's a browser issue.

David : And will I hear from them?

Sayaka : Yes, what is the best number to contact you at?

David : 2074186130

Sayaka : Thank you.

David : I'll give it until the end of this week, and then I plan to go look at changing my service to Verizon

Sayaka : Thank you for giving us a chance to resolve this issue.

David : I mean, I'm in application development, so I understand that it can take some time. but I'd at least like an update by the end of the week

Sayaka : That is understandable. I will provide you a case number and an expected resolution date.

David : cool, thanks. And if I have to come back here and chat with someone this weekend, do they have access to the transcript of this chat?

David : so I don't have to get them caught up?

Sayaka : I will note your file with everything that we spoke about today.

David : Appreciate the help Sayaka. According to this forum I'm reading, lots of people will be very happy if we can get this problem fixed 🙂

Sayaka : That is our goal.

Sayaka : For your records your Case ID

Sayaka : : CM20140122_81353884

Sayaka : And the expected resolution date for this case is 2/5/14.

David : That's not too far away. And a good birthday present (2/2) 🙂

Sayaka : Well happy early birthday! 🙂

David : LOL, thanks! So we're all set here? I'll hear from the application team soon regarding their progress on this?

Sayaka : Yes you are all set :). Are you a big football fan?

David : I was, until the Patriots lost 🙂

David : but I'll watch the Super Bowl

Sayaka : 😞 I'm sorry.

David : on my birthday 🙂

Sayaka : Well I hope you have a great Birthday!

David : thanks. Have a great day Sayaka

Sayaka : And I hope we get this issue resolved for you as well.

Sayaka : You as well David 🙂

David : that would be great!

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Re: AT&T Messages Not working?

we are very sorry for our rude complaints but were just very frustrated 

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