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AT&T Messages Backup and Sync Error Message


AT&T Messages Backup and Sync Error Message

I am unable to enable or disable this feature. When I go to Message->Settings->AT&T Messages Backup & Sync is grayed out and underneath it says "Checking with the cloud, please try again later."


I have the Samsung S7 Active...for less than 48 hours.


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Re: AT&T Messages Backup and Sync Error Message

Are you on a prepaid account?



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‎07-17-2016 1:56 PM

Re: AT&T Messages Backup and Sync Error Message

Found a solution after going through two different AT&T tech reps and we essentially fixed it via trial and error. 1. In app settings, on my S7 active, I have to hit the more button on the top right and choose display ALL apps on this device. 2. Then AT&T Messages BU&S comes up. I was able to disable it which cleared out the cloud syncing error in Message settings. Essentially I had messages sync disabled but the app active creating the glitch and error message. Either both need to be active or both disabled. MB
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AT&T messages backup & sync

I have an LG Phoenix 3 go-phone and every time I get a text, the first thing I see is a message saying AT&T message and backup & Sync is not available.  How do I stop getting the popup warning?

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Re: AT&T messages backup & sync

Hello @Hauteanman!

I definitely understand how receiving a message from the AT&T Backup & Sync feature on your device can be problematical. I am happy to help!

You are able to turn off this feature in the device settings. Our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool will walk you through step by step instructions how to accomplish this. Simply select the device you are using, and then click on Learn how to use. Under Tutorials, please choose Email & messaging and you will see AT&T Messages Backup & Sync. For a more personal experience, please login with your myAT&T credentials.

Hope this helps! Have a great day!

Jenn, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: AT&T messages backup & sync

Having the same exact issue and it is very frustrating.  Followed above recommendations but no where does it allow me to disable.

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Re: AT&T messages backup & sync

None of this helps my problem, since it's prepaid phone I don't have the option to turn on or off, it's another non fixable AT&T issue. I'll just have to find a different phone provider that has better customer service. 


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Re: AT&T messages backup & sync

I also have this issue.  The phone a Phoenix plus worked fine.  Then I started noticing when I would open text messaging it wouldnt show the last message a in the conversation.  Instead I would have to scroll to the bottom to see the newest Message because it's starting at the beginning of the conversation. So I looked around at the settings and I went to the AT&T backup and sync menu and it brought up a screen informing me that since I have a prepaid the feature is not available.  So I select not now or something like that and it goes away.  But now randomly When I open messenging that same screen keeps popping up and if I go into the backup menu there is no option to shut it off.  Every place I look for help the service rep just gives a generic reply which doesn't help and I've come the conclusion that the only option is to switch to a 3rd party app or factory reset the phone. If anyone else has this issue that's my only solution I have come up with. And I want to say thank you in advance to the AT&T rep for the generic response I am sure this will be answered with. 

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