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AT & T Limit of 10 people on text messaging


AT & T Limit of 10 people on text messaging

This obviously has not be changed. It is very frustrating because we have an elderly family member multiple people are assisting and it would be very helpful to update as care is given. We have a minimum of 11 people that need to know what is happening with this person so we can adjust our schedules or how we care for him when we are there. 

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‎04-15-2016 12:06 PM

Re: AT & T Limit of 10 people on text messaging

Hi @drizzo!


Thanks for posting! I love to hear that you all are working together to care for your loved one during these imperative times.
I apologize that the group messaging limit is affecting your communication—this limit is intended to prevent spam, and we do not see that changing in the foreseeable future. The great news is, there are some other alternatives for mass communication:
1.       Start an email message to 11+ users, ask your family members to sync their email address with their mobile phones, and turn on email notifications.
2.       Choose a third-party messaging app that allows mass messaging, such as WhatsApp, Viber, or Google Hangouts. Communicate with your family members that this is the platform you will be using for your group message.
3.       Create a shared calendar that can be accessed and updated by all family members. Family members can sign up for specific days/timeslots, and everyone will be able to view it as needed. You all can also put your work/personal schedules on the calendar, so others will be aware when you aren’t available for care.
4.       Lastly, but probably the least efficient, would be to divide your family into two text message groups. Each group would have a “team leader,” which will communicate with the other team leader to make sure important messages are getting to both groups.
Hope this helps!
~Tim J AT&T Social Media Manager

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Re: AT & T Limit of 10 people on text messaging

That is not a solution but a work around to a horrible limit put in place by AT&T. We should not have to use other third party programs or apps to utilize the basic feature of group texts in our account. AT&T is the only carrier that seems to have a limit that low. There are other ways you can help cut down on spam such as allowing customers to submit numbers they feel are spamming them then have those numbers blocked rather than limiting your customers ability to use your service.
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Re: AT & T Limit of 10 people on text messaging

The limit has been in place for a long time and probably will never change. Is it an archaic limit? That's subjective I suppose but then again SMS as a technology is being supplanted by much better alternatives. Group messaging itself is fraught with issues because when you start mixing in intercarrier group MMS involving multiple SMSCs there will be delivery failure or delayed delivery, a member of the group may not get some messages, etc. If a group message between two different carriers fails it ends up being a back and forth pointing match as to who is at fault.


If 10 users does not fit your needs I understand the frustration but this limit will more than likely remain in place. I give the same advice to everyone. Go with what fits your needs if this is a feature that is of critical importance.

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Re: AT & T Limit of 10 people on text messaging

This is the proverbial straw.   


The issue is not that there is a limit.  The issue is that the limit is too low and means that communication with even small groups is handicapped by nothing more than choice of provider. Spam, as a problem, isn't a message to 10 people, it is a messge to 10,000 or millions and for that reason this limit appears ridiculous and arbitrary.


Based on the replies above there is not real option but to exercise that choice of provider.

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Re: AT & T Limit of 10 people on text messaging


Couldn't you just send an e-mail to 11+ people you need to contact? I bet if you ask, some would prefer it that way...


I (personally) don't want a chat with 5 plus people, someone asks a question and my phone and wrist are vibrating/dinging with a bunch of clarifying questions, then all the answers, and then a bunch of "thanks" and "okays" again interrupting what I'm doing. People resending their mispelled texts and so on, someone coming in late and asking what's going on.





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Re: AT & T Limit of 10 people on text messaging



I'd recommend the Whatsapp application. Group messages can be up to 256 people and it is available for every platform. Another feature we like is we can text our son in Australia and neither of us gets hit with a charge. (He pays 50 cents for every text we send using the ATT native messaging)


I know that is the answer you want to hear, but it is certainly a workable alternative.

"Customers helping customers; not always successfully"
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Re: AT & T Limit of 10 people on text messaging

 This is not a solution!! Nearly impossible to implement. People with other phone companies do not have this problem. It is pig headed for AT&T to keep the limit of 10. The limit should be increased to at least fifteen or twenty.

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Re: AT & T Limit of 10 people on text messaging

terrible ideas ATT. You dance around the original reason..SPAM TEXT messaging is a thing of the past and is not stopped by this absurd limit. If I was spamming my contacts or otherwise, i could easliy circumvent your limit by sending multiple threads. You don't realize that this hurts your customer base more than it protects it. If you truly were concerned with spam, you would develop spam recognition (like any major email provider) and divert the texts to a seperate folder rather than just putting an arbitrary limit. 

The reality is, you don't want to raise the limit due to traffic on your network. You nickle and dime us (from our money or our time in this case) to imporve the speeds of your network by such small margins, it really can't be worth it. 


All we want as paying customers to have the ablilty to choose whether or not we want this limit, or to be able to set our own limits or at the very least for you to look at the data and set a new limit. I am sure if you polled your clients, we could give you a good place to start. (20 or 30 would be nice) that way you are at least trying to appear as if you are listening to your clients. Driving them to 3rd party apps is not only bad for your business, it's bad for customers. since those apps aren't as secure as your texting and obviously not as convenient (further, we would have to have our friends and familes do the same which is of course insane) 


please listen, and make some changes to this outdated "policy" otherwise, you will loose us

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Re: AT & T Limit of 10 people on text messaging

I'm sorry but this is a terrible recommendation. You are asking someone to ask 11+ other people to make a change because one person myself has an issue with a carrier limitation. 

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Re: AT & T Limit of 10 people on text messaging

I recently have found an issue with AT&T messaging that I can't text more than 10 people. I have been reading these blogs and find that customer service doesn't want to hear the customers complaints.

I found out the hard way as I am a member of a SWAT Team and for the first initial call are commander sends a group text to tell the team a heads up we are being called out. When I tried to respond to the text it kept coming back "message failed". I kept attempting to re send and was getting the same message in return. Meanwhile everyone else on the team who has other carriers was marking enroute to station or the scene.

I find it very disappointing that AT&T has told their customers to get an app to fix their problem. Even if they would have customers pay an extra fee to correct this inconvenience as the explanations that have been given are unexceptable.

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Re: AT & T Limit of 10 people on text messaging

Never heard of a law enforcement entity that doesn't provide communication devices to it's members and officers. In fact, my brother-in-law is a deputy at a department back home in North Carolina and it is a clear violation of the department's policy to use personal communication devices for any offical departmental business. He is issued an official cellular phone.


I understand the frustration but there isn't an exception to be made here. Setting proper expectations is good customer service.


When I say the only solution is to find a carrier that fits this need that is not bad customer service. It is setting the proper expectations. Like any other policy this is something that has never changed and I have not once heard a whiff of it potentially changing in the future. So the expectation should be "the 10 person group limit will remain indefinitely"



*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: AT & T Limit of 10 people on text messaging

I can't believe the answer is to tell my friends and family to download a seperate ap so we can text together, especially since some of them aren't AT&T and don't have to deal with this restriction.  I have been with AT&T for years, but unless this changes when I'm up for my next upgrade I may have to move on.  This is aggravating (to say the least) and AT&T is the only carrier (that I know of) that puts the limit to ten.  I understand the spam issues, so how about limit to 20???  This stinks!

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Re: AT & T Limit of 10 people on text messaging

NO this doesn't help! and the fact that you allow an employee David 606 to  call him/her a liar is just appalling.


I chose ATT for my work phone so I would have an alternate phone carrier then my personal, for redundancy. However part of my job to inform Sr. Leadership when we have an Issue. Your policy caused a few of those to be left off important communications. All you do is hide behind a Spam policy. Why don't you value your customers opinions and increase the limit. 


Getting a third party app, asking friends and family to sync email, garbage and you all know it. 


[Inappropriate content removed]

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Re: AT & T Limit of 10 people on text messaging

It it is an amazing lack of foresight. The answer should not be to arbitrarily limit the number of people that one can contact using your service. Find another solution to control SPAM. 

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