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$45 Prepaid monthly plan iPhone hotspot not working?


$45 Prepaid monthly plan iPhone hotspot not working?

My phone is an Apple iPhone 6 64GB Silver A1549. I’ve had several ATT Prepaid plans activated on the same SIM card in this phone, but recently I wanted mobile hotspot, so I called 611 and went through the automated system to make a payment then switch to the $45 monthly plan without autopay that includes 6GB of mobile data, mobile hotspot on a capable device (you think an iPhone would work right?), and everything else it comes with, then I activated it, and got confirmation my plan has been switched.


I then checked to see if mobile data was working, two that worked just fine. I then went into settings, then cellular then noticed it still said “Set Up Personal Hotspot”, so I tapped that and it said I need to call 611 or visit a website. So at this point I called 611 again, got confirmation I am indeed on the $45 monthly plan which includes 6GB of high speed data and mobile hotspot, and went through all the options and couldn’t find one to turn on hotspot or activate it.


I then turned my phone off, and on again then checked to see if it was now an option and nope, I took the SIM card out and put it back in and nope, I turned off mobile data, then turned it on again and nope, still says I need to call 611 or visit a website 


I don’t know what the issue is, this phone is a Verizon iPhone but it’s unlocked and works just fine with everything else on the AT&T plan, it’s just hotspot won’t work. Is the A1549 iPhone not compatible with it? Is it because this is also a Verizon device? C6A5ACF1-758C-4698-B47B-646ABFF6D928.jpeg


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‎04-05-2019 9:26 AM

Re: $45 Prepaid monthly plan iPhone hotspot not working?

Hi, @ethancedrik,


We'd love to help with this. Here's the listing of the AT&T Prepaid plans and what's available on each one. Using your device as a mobile hotspot is available on the $35 a month plan, the $50 a month plan, and the $85 a month plan. You will need to switch to one of these to use your device as a hotspot. We would recommend waiting until the end of your current service period before changing your plan as it will start the period fresh and you will lose the rest of the time on your previous payment.


Have a great week!


James, AT&T Community Specialis

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